Kevin Rudolf Gets Real With 'Here's To Us'

Singer, producer reveals new single is for the underdog.
3:00 | 08/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kevin Rudolf Gets Real With 'Here's To Us'
He struck music goal with his 2008 hit let -- rock now Kevin Rudolph might have done it again his new song and video here's to us. We'll definitely give -- good response with its heart -- and -- and pretty amazing images let's take a look. -- -- Kevin Rudolph is out promoting the new single he's with us now can thanks so much for being here we love this video it's pretty awesome. How did you come up with the idea to use these snippets of different types of video we've them together. Well. You know I knew I didn't want to make a traditional video I didn't want to do something we tried to shoot it and create something. That you know was -- -- listening fate you know. And I wanted to defining images things that are very happen pieces of history. And you know archival footage of war and and personal videos and and stuff everything from the evil Knuble to Albert Einstein. Is in there and really pieced together in a way that's captured the feeling of the song. And where these all YouTube videos you had a hand -- Picking each piece that's that's woven together there yet a lot of that was found on YouTube. And a lot of it was sourced from -- you know original. Archival footage. And and put together and -- and it just sort of creates one seamless flow. It's a beautiful piece and he's pretty different from your first big hit -- are great why the change in style here. Well you know. I'm involved as a musician artist producer. I'm in a different place in life you know and down. I wanted to strip away a lot of the production element. I -- to strip away. And really -- the lyrics and the music shined through and do something and take a chance that people would. Really understand this new. You know. Really. Not version of myself. You know -- -- Reza real artist. You really take your time -- this one I know I have read that you've talked a lot about wanting to use the time. To explore new sounds explore different parts of yourself I think that kind of comes through do you think you succeeded. Yeah I do you know I also -- a lot of people don't know but I work as a producer with a lot of other acts you know from -- Keith Urban single little bit everything. We're -- to avenue -- next album and I'm done everything from -- it's a little lane. And you know I've always written music like this this is always been the real me you know let Iraq little Wayne. That's one side -- mean this is another side they still friends -- little -- -- you you -- -- -- Over the what was it like to work with them on let Iraq. There was great music great -- where he's the best in the game and you know he's always supported me he's always been like -- you know -- -- really like. With cash -- opinions things it was really about me. -- the new hit though that's going to be -- hit and -- hey here's to asking give us a sense again of what -- the inspiration was for this one where did you really dropped from. The inspiration was just I really want into. Kind of connect the world it's sort of a shout out to everybody on earth you know the song is written for everybody young old black -- Whoever you are wherever you're from it's like you have a chance and you can you can actually. Make your dream happen and at the same time it's just it's for the underdog you know it's it's really for. You know good every once and never -- -- -- here's to us. It's such a great message. You're born and raised in New York City spent a lot of time in Miami -- -- how much if that the locality where you worked on -- who worked -- and in Miami you were talking earlier about. The energy you find there how much of that play into this piece. And Miami to -- is just really like a landscape for creating whatever I want from going in in my own world creatively. It's also been like a touch -- for cash money. As far as label being down -- -- being down all that you know that all that energy coming from them. That's just -- -- always connected with -- a great piece we love it here's to us it's out now. -- Rudolph thanks so much for coming and thanks.

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{"id":20029333,"title":"Kevin Rudolf Gets Real With 'Here's To Us'","duration":"3:00","description":"Singer, producer reveals new single is for the underdog.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kevin-rudolf-real-heres-us-20029333","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}