Kim Kardashian's Diva Delivery

Star reserved a 4K a day "Luxury Birthing Suite" and photographer to document the birth.
3:56 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian's Diva Delivery
Now for all the latest Hollywood gossip can give us all -- -- is naughty but nice rob dot com doesn't run hot shooter romping through much forget the years ago right thing you know -- and let's start out with can -- -- She is usually very very is -- good. About it. She's very pregnant she has been saying -- this -- made it quite difficult for her came does not keep any secrets -- is why you beloved well maybe you don't like him so much. But she doesn't give a lot of -- -- -- well additional tell -- whatever whatever is on the mindset. She's Toshiba had to -- the pregnancy is she is gonna get. In the next couple of weeks and already charity of the birth plan -- have two has the hospital mind -- -- in ally of that is very fancy hospital. It is full with three dollars a night there are pictures of of these these rooms what you can't afford and it really looks like the foresees -- I'd like it looks magnificent as a way to -- area for your phone -- out at and TVU. It's hospital food that we probably. It's a really lovely place -- it's going to be and then the big debates. He's -- really gonna see this little by a team has said that she hasn't even more tonight seventies baby pictures yet many people -- I was quite funny consider. Mean she's not let cameras into her actual cooking process. I don't know it's good to be debatable she is they know what we will wait that never say never and the camera and the pro death -- pop up. About SNL because you -- -- insider. Yes it's fascinating so bill -- One of the most popular characters on the show has has quit his left the show to go on to do other things film he did -- sit down into view. With how it's -- and he really. Teach to get some behind state -- deep -- and then I think he had talent to ask what -- drugs like Justin Timberlake has hosted and -- -- has hosted. -- he was -- about what was the difference -- Ohio he said Justin Timberlake who might be one of the biggest stars in the world. Turned -- by himself. No entourage no security no publicist and manager sat out of the -- -- table. Really rolled up his sleeves and go to work the other Justin Justin -- -- up with as -- size twenty. People it is brought New London. The -- to hold repeat so want to hold about coyote until a -- of the -- intestinal backstage it is tying me. So the costume changes a very quick and -- running around like lunatics. -- -- out on top of that twenty people. And you tell them that's not about Justin Bieber you can tell that he -- that could put. His ideas who. Another surprise. Very cool a WW really clean out and realized there absolutely are -- -- about the trouble in Bon Jovi parent yet. This is this is quite surprising -- for a long time Richie Sambora has struggled. With substance issues he's talked about -- he has been to rehab the bond is on -- at the moment and just before the two were kicked off. Richie dropped out of that at the time John didn't really say anything about it. No explanation was given -- -- given an interview. Where he hinted that may be once again -- he's having some troubles. Ricci soul -- this and came barreling -- He's very unhappy with -- I'm -- that may be this is a pond for John to do mistaken to apply himself wow the bond and instead of being bond driving the bond it is -- Jon Bon Jovi. So this to -- really involved. In -- -- escalate biggest could be at the end of the Vancouver -- -- Reportedly have to deal with just Jong none the Byron Jones Asia I was upon Jose. For a couple of years as a publicist -- I must admit it is for Jon Bon Jovi shares as several house every name changes well and MCI -- -- I -- -- -- doesn't feel right she's. Rod -- thank you so glad --

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{"id":19243493,"title":"Kim Kardashian's Diva Delivery ","duration":"3:56","description":"Star reserved a 4K a day \"Luxury Birthing Suite\" and photographer to document the birth.","url":"/Entertainment/video/kim-kardashians-diva-delivery-19243493","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}