Lindsay Lohan Acts Like A Lady!

Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity buzz.
4:24 | 02/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lindsay Lohan Acts Like A Lady!
On this Valentine's Day we here at what's the buzz declare our love for celebrities news and here with a heaping helping of that. Is the man who warms our heart every week Roger from -- -- liberty dot com rob happy Valentine's Day be used very Valentine's Day alright so Lady Gaga broke a lot of little my heart. This week what happened back on its own two it's who's coming to an -- she ends at the end of march however she's actually ended right now she has injured -- self. -- sent -- -- tweet saying -- was canceling a couple of shows they checked out what was wrong with she's gonna -- to -- an awful ratio. On her -- she's in a lot of pain so they've actually -- -- until he. Rest of the two she had some sixty. It's gonna be counseled many others she said she's devastated she's that it makes a really regime it was -- Is devoted George fans -- sure that this really truly genuinely does really run this that I have never heard -- a lot of back and forth between -- fans -- Madonna who are diehard fans of god who are also very die hard and as saying you know what. Madonna wouldn't -- have been that the -- had ripped the -- -- Q what if book of artillery has it by the have a but the best. It's driven I love that I do not believe is true but I will repeat the rumor is that she's pregnant. And has -- I mornings ago but I got -- -- -- aside I think did god I was pregnant should tell you as you would have incorporated that into the act if somehow erratic so -- get well soon the news policy is -- -- in the new album those losses. Outs of the that the spotlight to do shows she can lie in bed with a microphone and -- -- -- -- equipment that -- We have the low and all he's the perennial -- -- section and non. Story Palin's immensely harmful benefits and -- stock analyst got a call from Charlie Sheen who always appears to be helping lead the -- He lender -- -- -- 100000 dollars he cooled his stylist Phillip -- to make sure that Philip -- -- beautiful dress for the I'm thought that -- that I spoke to affiliate. And he said Lindsay came in there was nothing but charming exits are -- non story however is that she had a please and thank -- Was gracious he -- highly married he -- is beyond sad he said he never has woods with a celebrity who knew she wanted. As quickly as Lindsay is a residual of the dress zoned in on it inflicted a beautiful -- -- again thanks. -- and ovarian AS thank you Charlie Sheen thank you Phillip Bloch is -- -- -- hopefully. Steering her on the path of some -- -- she was great and charming and with enough lead on this and endlessly in the story to today. Speaking of Madonna her boyfriend always have to prove himself -- I mean essentially it when you're Madonna's. Shadows just what did you do any thing yeah -- he's been working full for awhile hasn't done so on its. Now he's got a job as a mobile and -- debuted. In fine Fashion Week on the runway. Not that I mean he ran out -- -- and is based -- -- anything what. Money that's part of it right right -- but that she was asked why it was -- to although not on the front Brad. And this isn't really Smart kid he said he told. The -- and not to calm because he would want everybody to look at him. -- we -- does not think this bill that would everybody look at the dog and what they should be looking -- your take -- that. This kid's gonna go a long way but -- here's what's more president that Madonna actually listen to what he says it will recover mental history that -- -- That -- that I got better thing physically I got a mark on government to do Sports Illustrated Kate -- obviously on the cover always getting a lot of tongues -- a business in some changes since the story that Sports Illustrated. What Tolkien thinking about doing an issue with metal models wearing the -- -- rarely -- and to present day. -- and let up yeah. Or does he started by Carlson Chris -- from Korea -- -- For the straight guy who who said that he would like to see male models and he would style the issue free I did reach out to Sports Illustrated asked Adams expecting -- -- -- Ridiculous to that credit I think what a great idea that so let's think about it sound about right so I should buy Knight put Ab roller back in the regiment and just in case they come -- all unions -- the board. -- -- -- At halftime -- all look at this a happy Valentine's Day to you as well this huge look at it and yet it's lightly delta which is has already been devoured by happy ABC's right exactly very -- happy -- -- -- -- The portrait. And.

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{"id":18504666,"title":"Lindsay Lohan Acts Like A Lady! ","duration":"4:24","description":"Rob Shuter has the latest celebrity buzz.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lindsay-lohan-acts-lady-18504666","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}