Youngest Oscar Nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis on Accolades

"Beasts of the Southern Wild" director and star on the rigors of shooting and the film.
3:00 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Youngest Oscar Nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis on Accolades
Advancement of -- You have to learn how to feed yourself. Got a volume fists up located shipments unit volume -- -- case you have to wet and -- come out. -- patent act and it. Cool out. -- -- We got -- yeah. -- that. Yeah. Portland you hold him down like kids into -- in which it. -- I don't. -- you want to. -- -- You moved. To Louisiana in late 2006 yet yet so -- from I'm from New York. Queens Sonny sat Sonny sat there I think it's how do you get. From there. To Louisiana to find her in his drive as far as he possibly can and that was it he's not there yet but it. But I mean and I moved to the world in 2006 and then you know I I'd. Had been taken down to the by units are heard about these these towns that are on the wrong side the levees and sort of fallen off into the Gulf of Mexico and and went down there to export and that's not what she did she was a little bit inland of in and -- -- city Oklahoma. But you know when we swim sort of decide -- that's sort of film was going to be. We started just going out and knocking on doors and going to schools and you know really trying to cast somebody. From the area and let's. If you seeing thousands of people yet yet was at a nine month 4000 person. Crazy search. And I heard and you can tell me -- That he was asking for you had to be. -- six. -- -- -- -- -- moved him. And get him to pay any content. I disagree I six didn't hang and -- frank -- and that -- seeks to. Me. And we'll just went denying. Eileen angels. -- image. Me and my mom way she can -- house looks bad language attitude. -- -- -- Who didn't last evening -- So you let her slip under the -- despite the fact. -- -- and the mean I think that the reason we've made -- six to nine -- that we didn't. Believe that someone -- five could possibly be able act you know and so glad we know we consider the possibility of looking younger. You know she came in at five. Was just you know. Beyond anything we've ever seen before you know and originally wrote a distinctive updated twelve even even in that -- we never -- it like it's. So are you looking -- at dailies are you what are you looking to know that you've got what you had in your head. No I never looked -- -- once actually out of here panic. Thing I don't wanna see it hit a hook yet it was just so that it -- The that's sort of physical. Task of -- the filmed on the so enormous that looking back seem just like. The crazy -- there -- -- we had sort of be staring forward everything was changing it such a rapid pace -- were dealing with you know. Water levels in particular what are -- defining factor when computer not so. -- you'd you'd get one a report from Mississippi to the river was low we have changed the whole schedule and -- something that we plans to the end immediately loses this sort of constant. You know. Who's this classic kind of athletic event that we were we were up against and so every night we would be. Just frantically trying -- you know save the next day knives and taking two hours to watch dailies would have been ballot and basically to two hours and obviously things figured. Better to sleep if you got a full two hours that's good that was my mind yet affected our yeah cars that -- how many days did you have. I think we -- 57 means something Amos and speeding had -- -- -- -- be. You know Spiderman movie you look at it but -- -- teach patients how to -- -- We just love them and you can -- -- -- demands. Got them all Hokies -- -- -- the Gotham awards two I forget. You went to all of these were -- Sundance where everybody's cheering right there -- thing. -- and you go to the Cannes Film Festival. -- to finance. Its. -- -- A commitment that. I think you really remember. It was -- It was red and red what did you -- -- and idolized currency. I was -- you know we ran attacks yet where he's supposed to do that yet I don't know you could have been a rebel. Now lives you couldn't resist trying to not get caught get caught you doing anything that apple ones there. Does it make you feel happy or a little bit nervous when people are all going day. It's. Good -- -- at the world its goods. It's finally because he's -- -- light. Had been alone it is I -- then -- -- it right. But on this show because I work you're -- starts his music and you have. And I. And band is listening to music all the time so he's always doing it. -- usually end with asking you to sing some song that you some little bit of -- -- Could be that leveled -- -- that. I know that you can do it I would give you permission you can -- been saying and you. Good deal. And I wouldn't appear to have little. There's nobody big -- -- I don't know you hate me you did this little step. It was really good liked the dance. I can tell -- now. -- that she will do it. It doesn't matter and a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And dumped it. -- in. You get all -- applaud. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had it -- this is my best show ever put it. There's nothing like it in the world it was.

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{"id":18248529,"title":"Youngest Oscar Nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis on Accolades","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Beasts of the Southern Wild\" director and star on the rigors of shooting and the film.","url":"/Entertainment/video/quvenzhan-wallis-interview-youngest-oscar-nominee-beasts-southern-18248529","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}