Randy Houser Discusses His #1 Hit "How Country Feels"

The singer talks about music, marriage and fatherhood
5:16 | 01/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Randy Houser Discusses His #1 Hit "How Country Feels"
Hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero with the what's the vibe and we've got Randy Houser in the house he is the man with the number one country single in the land -- now Randi thanks so much for being with us today you tell us a little bit about your single how -- -- field we know it's just a -- -- what we actually. Record this awhile back and we watched at slowly slowly climb and then and then actually this week sales number one Angelou was with number one this but less photogenic a quick lessons -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Upbeat lots of energy policy inspiration behind it and the album what you know it was written by some -- among -- thrasher Wendell Mobley and he can he. And now when I heard and it was just -- assault and immediately. Heard of that evidence that goes haired -- -- down. And I knew immediately immediately that I want to record its own just one of those phone -- -- really was a great way to introduces Albemarle -- this level -- -- well -- had the you know just reflect what my life he -- run well you -- an upbeat happy playing. I don't hear you married and you have a -- little boy -- he's almost. Actually he's in that video. Opera house what specifically Florida for -- to pop -- of the conceive. And then -- there so much to celebrate a new -- -- maybe -- how exciting now I didn't hitting the road on tour. -- We're doing the tone -- tunnel toward this year we're we give them to a lot of dates with. Dirks Bentley and Miranda Lambert someone. And where will be just doing lots of fairs and festivals and clubs and theaters and so. You know just whatever we gotta do if we're just trying to grow and grow and our success and you better what we're dunes so exciting as either make a family with the toward a baby well you -- there's eleven Gaza Obama zone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a bit about your career you've also written a lot of songs for some very famous singers as well there. Well you know -- start off my first song that I ever had recorded. Was. I'm sure you're familiar with -- -- Detroit's second four we had a huge hit men. To -- is among -- Davidson and Jimmie Johnson. Actually wrote. What would probably considered traces of these hit home he told the dollar bill which is silly and I've had several since -- -- but that was the that's actually the biggest one that I wrote for another artists and what is the process that you enjoy the most the writing the performing. It's so funny -- really don't tend to. To separate the too much I Eaton and at this point in my career -- -- most of Tom I'm riding songs for me to go perform. They kind of go hand in hand as I really that actually have to think about. Oh what I'm writing in in the in the in a way that I can think about -- -- -- -- later so they can't go hand in hand I don't know follow like anyone better than the other thing. Probably. The failing that I did after Rihanna riding us alone and -- and looking back and listen to go actually don't know have happened sometimes. But I think that's the same -- of I think the same endorphins are released Wednesday. Right now country music is so exciting right now so many fat -- performers do you feel like it's a great time to be a country musician -- -- that's a great -- country music. This has expanded so far beyond what it what you -- think of -- you're you're Graham calls country music you have. A lot of -- groups -- also Rhea Taylor Swift as -- country. Lady Antebellum is coming you know that touch your music is such a broader spectrum than it. Then he used to -- and I think that's a great thing and I'm I'm definitely glad you're part of its problem about your particular traditions -- what you sort of. Grew up playing and where you think you see yourself going. You know I grew up bomb you know where I grew up in the the part of part of Mississippi -- -- gospel and blues and think country you know. You know I'm and we grew Obama you know William Whelan that kind of stuff but also moral you know things like -- -- -- -- Clinton. Allow -- Monday -- it was a musician so we always made sure that us was hit two other things that we're just not the music that was on the radio all the time. He made sure you you were educated in a lot of little little -- that's -- -- which was cool and I think that around you know run it's just you know we're just kind of taken off like Iraq and I only on this strap is -- within -- you know what a -- I absolutely. Randy hasn't thank you so much and congratulations. On all the fabulous success for the you know I think you so --

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{"id":18305032,"title":"Randy Houser Discusses His #1 Hit \"How Country Feels\"","duration":"5:16","description":"The singer talks about music, marriage and fatherhood ","url":"/Entertainment/video/randy-houser-discusses-hit-country-feels-18305032","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}