Is Rob Lowe Eyeing a Future In Politics?

Actor reveals his political aspirations and takes a stand on wildlife rescue.
5:51 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Is Rob Lowe Eyeing a Future In Politics?
Rob Lowe has done it Paul. Captured hearts in -- Dallas fire and the outsiders. Made us laugh and Austin Powers and Tommy Boy and of course later on the west wing of parks and recreation. But now rob has a new project that is very close to his heart. Wildlife rescue is here to tell us -- -- about this new project this new documentary series thanks for being with us today thanks for having me so telling -- -- that's -- with this partnership with dawn. Well Don say -- wildlife is a forty year. Tradition and this year they've donated an extra million dollars to rescuing and saving wildlife and I've always been. Waterman and -- from a fisherman -- all the water all the time. So when they asked me to narrate their documentary. Highlighting the heroes who -- in the trenches day in and day out of rescuing these amazing. Animals I thought it would be a really good as it has made it amazing struck -- I was watching some of the Christmas -- it is amazing when you start looking at the actual numbers that you think if these oil spills the massive oil -- is housing the biggest impact but really. When you get down since the smallest amount that could be contaminating the environment has a huge impact my -- that the documentary speaks to it. Are the little things that we can all do our daily lives that we don't really think about doing. There too many of us who still -- the oil -- our cars the old fashioned way we just -- inaugural -- rider and street. So there are a lot of tips for people who. May be pre disposed to wanting to help save the environment and save. He's amazing habitats were you surprised to learn something from this -- could mean that one of the most amazing things I learned it actually weirdly is that they use actual on. -- that he's he's always on the bright side of product placed in an actual you'd think there'd be some fancy chemical compound of the government created to. Do you -- it's also right through it it it's powerful enough to get -- -- out and doesn't harm their delicate feathers. For I propose a cool little interest in. -- -- I read somewhere that wildlife preservation and and just animal welfare in general has been something about passion for you. -- did I read this correctly that you won the 101000 dollar -- and took the winnings. And it donated donated the winnings to the the Cleveland Amory Fund for Animals I was fifty. Well -- -- -- first up to win a 101000 dollar pyramid is an accomplishment of itself that is an accomplishment but what also is amazing in -- -- how long ago was is was that. 101000 dollars was enough to be the and game of the game show -- will be the first round in -- record pretty much eggs again if you can't if you can't spell your name your pretty much talk and walk away to house with five digits. A lot of -- -- killing -- Kennedy. Coming out this fall this November tell -- what is it like and the kind of sort of deep into a role like that when you have the significance on the way to fifty years after. JFK's assassination and so much attention being placed on that -- Well -- -- probably a fair amount of pressure on myself because he's a hero mind and I have been a student of his. My entire life. So a lot of the research that one would do I didn't have to do because I am I'm pretty well versed in in his life because admire him so much. For me that the challenge in the goal is not to do. A fantastic. Imitation. It's to do a believable in habitation. And to bring. This icon. Sort of into focuses -- man. Husbands and fathers and -- as as a leader. Who has fears and hopes dreams and aspirations that we all have and make him. A human being because he was a remarkable -- did you have takes artistic liberty and how and in interpreting perhaps how his response might be to a particular situations. -- the book is unbelievably factual based on -- Riley's best selling them killing Kennedy. The so everything in the movie is absolutely true which which I liked because. That my interest was. Taking a truthful historical. Narrative. And finding the man. With it within it and it will it'll be out for the fiftieth anniversary. His assassination this November. So having played a president having played a -- before on Brothers and sisters do you see parallels than between politics and acting. But having played it a presidential staffer in the west wing and playing JFK it was nice to be in the other side of the desk. Like that that part -- ivory -- -- I quite liked and I think all actors. Of a certain type. Enter stage in their careers we get to play presidents and and clearly I'm at that stage and and start JFK was pretty cool it's all downhill from there. I you know I respond to that world and -- I'm drawn to it. It's a great genre like doing Webster Ret John -- that a lot of westerns right I do a lot of political stuff development. Is that it any any idea to have an aspiration for a political move for political career. I mean if the world that we remember fondly in politics still existed yes. I you know I just. Don't think that world exists right now I have. -- -- amazing men and women who serve in my hat's off to them because it's it's a very tough job country would be nowhere. Without its arguably its noble I do believe it's something that's worth doing. But in the kind of climate today I just don't know if if if it would be. Something that would be very appealing the work would be great everything around them it's sure -- Yeah well that's certainly the sentiment -- -- to hear from a lot of public officials right aren't. The web series is called the big picture on Don saves wildlife dot com Rob -- thanks so much continued success -- -- extra.

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{"id":19703627,"title":"Is Rob Lowe Eyeing a Future In Politics?","duration":"5:51","description":"Actor reveals his political aspirations and takes a stand on wildlife rescue.","url":"/Entertainment/video/rob-lowe-eyeing-future-politics-19703627","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}