Sara Haines Gets a Big Baby Shower Surprise

"GMA's" Sara Haines is in for the surprise of her life as we throw her a baby shower LIVE on the show!
5:03 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for Sara Haines Gets a Big Baby Shower Surprise
Really. Son Sam is Sarah means is back on the table women out of how I love women. I'm to see women lawyers and everyone in this audience Pratt and oh. We're going up maybe this yeah. Yeah yeah. Anyone in the eye and starts to ground white water brands and we have you come and we got to EMTs. All over the giant now. Stated today that are not. Settlement this is still neck yeah yeah no that isn't good that's right Saudi is another surprise design an entertaining. And and came expert. Michael B last hello. Has been redesigning. Your new apartment in Brooklyn for weeks. We got a lot. We got him live from your place and as well. You don't what does Obama does not except for the nursery so how does and Sarah think about crab net and what to sink into you have arm he's nineteenth. Well. The good. Senator hello are bigger apartment this is that at it. We have a big surprise for you by the end of the show I'm gonna have your nursery completed or you I got Max and they're working we got a lot to do. Got 52 minutes so I don't run. That's right when you always have about fifteen minutes left to really get that nursery completed so you ready gives a behind the web as CNN live. I hate I think how beautiful everything looks today it's an a lot of this that was inspired by the great designs from -- to end. And minted has what you need to celebrate your little one including custom designed birds announce man's baby shower and home to core. Nursery art and photo guests and thanks to mid ten. All the prank. And winning are good everything that 200. Are. Okay. This kid went any of our hot topic. I think you can't ask yourself what they really elegant looking at the united like trump. Even this morning she's like I'm what I friends texted me and said apparently not tainted cheese press is why would. Like. The business so as not to cry unit we teach teens businesses why did an about and I was like don't worry about it changed we ought to try and change is subject or is he went big about it the next please WiMax was like washing the floor last name. He said he hadn't insulting nesting coming on advocate a mommy not the daddy that he took all the carpet out. In the scrubbing the floor and make and then a crime is so amazing you look so hot doing it like. Okay. Infant medium hot because this man is now is not exist with Sara it's well all the pregnant women who are in our audience stays out. Who out. Okay. I have to tell. Landing that yes. Just act like. Doug throughout this hour would then be given a lot of stuff when are starting right now actually. Sarah you're GMA weekend's senior needing help colleges that Doug got rob Marciano is still and it gives our hot hot out there. Yeah. Toilet except for acute that middle out that I was gonna get Arnold maximum permanent pain but I finally ended. Those figures have rob Redd let me tell you what you just rolled out since we're proud that you can't tell us so I can tell. Carter says it's fabulous it's happening to alchemy you'll have babies with the latest in baby fashions and baby is sent to me. And size the lab's general -- incidents Heinz to garner is. Everyone everyone in the audience is going well what do 250 dollar gift certificate.

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{"id":37167494,"title":"Sara Haines Gets a Big Baby Shower Surprise","duration":"5:03","description":"\"GMA's\" Sara Haines is in for the surprise of her life as we throw her a baby shower LIVE on the show!","url":"/Entertainment/video/sara-haines-big-baby-shower-surprise-37167494","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}