Behind the Scenes With the Star of "Motown: The Musical"

Brandon Victor Dixon talks his role as Barry Gordy Jr. in the big Broadway hit.
7:28 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes With the Star of "Motown: The Musical"
Is just one of the many great moments from the big Broadway hit -- the musical which has audiences dancing singing and their seats. And then on the way home. And today we're lucky enough to have one of the size of the show with those bread and Victor Dixon who plays the man Berry Gordy junior's death star the sensor that god father of Motown. Problem no pressure to pull up a role like this threat. Yeah it was funny having buried there every day has very -- and produce the shows -- having him there every day kind of watching me in the beginning. It was a little it was a little there was some apprehension but you know he really. Welcome Meehan very quickly comment sent me off to the races was he involved in the auditioning process he was he was not not for modest and in particular the director Charles Randolph right is as a mentor -- -- when he got the job. He called me and he said this is what I'm doing I wanted to be monitored Gordy and you know -- just help us figure out how to translate this story. To the stage you know -- -- -- -- on board obviously very very met me his leg I don't know wept as that things have changed. It it is kind of audit and unique -- -- -- actors he's different roles portray people that have either passed -- so therefore you can have a little artistic license to interpret them. But when you've got the guys stand in -- in the wings kind of saying I would never do that I would I would never say -- does he do that yes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't mean it. Give we will go back and forth among. But -- -- that he welcomed because he said look if I'm wrong about something -- budget approved. You can sing obviously. Newton -- -- camp saying okay he looks as they view the combination of in the Epstein and -- of them. But you know the song do you love me right now I wrote that and he recorded a demo and that he went out he was actually went out to -- -- on the petition that they weren't so but on the contours. Think about releasing -- because -- with. -- -- -- -- -- -- The out of atop the original but certainly the phrases that I mean the man is a legend in American popular culture and -- to try to channel that and convey that on the stage I -- -- didn't do it hands Stalin do an excellent job I think he appreciated because you know when he started when he sort of votes count. I mean it was just like all of these unknowns and now they have become the Smokey Robinson as the Diana Ross's I mean it's -- Of them who of not as Motown but really enough of American the American music but but world music coming the -- -- -- is is -- sort of the big the greatest. Musical catalog in the world and lot of mistakes and -- and it is really. Not just from the way changed music and change -- way music was performed and -- on television also the way change the social fabric of our of our global community mean. -- really came here about during that good service you know the civil rights movement. -- was very very much involved with Martin Luther king and the whole movement T. But a lot of resources for the market -- it was a Motown artists variety he. Even Stalin Martin's. Recording so that people here than across the world. They also put images of of African Americans in the living room -- people's homes across the world that had not in ways we had not been for traders -- before he really change the dynamic we -- united music before the united politically. There is a lot of depth to this show because it goes much beyond. Just great songs going that everyone knows that of other used in commercials or movies or television shows or whatever incidentally there really is a much greater movement that's been behind those words and leader -- came as part of the the -- Success in Russia you know people come Alicea showed -- enjoy the music but not only that they bring to this show. Their memories their own life history with -- Motown and that's what really makes -- come alive you know it's not just. Music they love this music that really informed moments in their lives friendships. You know husbands and wives first kisses like people. Real developmental moments and people's lifetime -- ought to the public come up there with a very nostalgic appreciation afterwards. I -- I remember that time rhyme or where I was when that song became obvious that on. I got divorced to this assault I got married to -- wrote in Detroit I would sit outside and watch them round -- and they capitalized in the cadillacs influence -- Obama I'm -- -- bush Simon I appreciate I appreciate hits the USA and and repair record according did. So for -- revert from Barry Gordy to Simba from the Lion King to a lot of people know -- from Harpo from the color purple yes mom I mean. Your career on Broadway really has stretched the spectrum. I've been very fortunate I've been very fortunate he's getting to work with people like. Susan Stroman on the Scotts Borough boys is actually there they're taking that one of production so to London this false and -- that continues to have life. Working with people like Charles and are frightened Berry Gordy Michael -- you know I've I've really -- work with some wonderful people -- this -- And as if that's what he -- enough for you walk run fly productions tell me about telling about this this. Pet project has really taken -- and obviously it's been dominating that these that theater circles -- one good thing going very well I started with my production partner Warren Adams was one of the choreographers of Motown. You know just as we've been we've been fortunate -- -- listen to build a lot of shows from scratch and to collaborate with some wonderful people and learn from these people so we really -- it was time for us to. -- to start to act on the other side of the table with with our productions you know not just be choreographed and -- acting but to. Dictate how things go from the other side of the table and so. That's that's what we started it. I mean -- you've got to headline. Neil Patrick Harris during and Hedwig and the angry and she hasn't got James Franco and of mice and men. Those get a lot of accolades and awards alongside of Motown as well anyway. It is your plate just kind of overflowing and hot hadn't juggle that you know being on both sides of the state -- you know. Is it what's great is it we have wonderful collaborators and partners. We are co produces with with -- Levy and raise the -- productions on on the head league which has been nominated for a Tony Awards and of mice and men of the nominated for two dollars and since Elliott you know in the lead producers David -- -- his fantastic guy and so there. You know we have partners and all these things that we're not get -- -- -- and I have to be. Running these things the -- we have we have partisan plan. -- Of the socialist summer season now -- -- what are your plans for the summer and take any time offers -- -- -- -- seven days a week and interest -- an eight day in their somehow. I'm the number of the space things that I mean I have to go to way to check on some things that -- and I are working on with walk -- fly but also -- take and take. A we -- to -- -- -- travel visit some friends in Japan go to Hong Kong from little bits and then all. Then I'll come back to the states and -- get ready to push into the fall but still keep in Motown very much -- with Motown musical definitely spread thanks so much stuff by pre ninety appreciate. WB.

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{"id":23918672,"title":"Behind the Scenes With the Star of \"Motown: The Musical\"","duration":"7:28","description":"Brandon Victor Dixon talks his role as Barry Gordy Jr. in the big Broadway hit.","url":"/Entertainment/video/scenes-star-motown-musical-23918672","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}