'Spent: Looking for Change': Official SXSW Trailer

Davis Guggenheim's new documentary explores the plight of the financially underserved.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Spent: Looking for Change': Official SXSW Trailer
For millions of people banking is broken. The implications are massive in the middle class is shrinking -- its foundation. Are increasingly turning to alternative financial services like check cashing and payday lenders that was broken -- -- -- didn't have. It's just -- play this growth and on many nights and leave the company. Chocolate try to find. Commotion and that's -- you could solve my problem. People love to interview -- -- on May not knowing. And some of the spiral digging its. Bottom dropped out of the same time mom mom was diagnosed cancer people are struggling I was trying to keep her life normal. -- -- -- They're working 23 jobs have families to provide for -- bucks a month in check cashing fees and building. They are making money from the fact that people -- timing system -- scene for using my money that was paid 900 dollars net mentors and friends. People are paying 7% for basic financial services and contrast I -- two to 3%. The picture of the financially unstable is you and me this is your nanny -- taking care of your children this is the -- man. In your office this is everybody's problem. If you can -- 200 billion dollars back into the economy. That's meaningful. It's a call from them cancel the sky's the limit. People wanting to build alternative approaches this system we have an opportunity to use modern technology to solve problems and more cost effectively. -- -- -- -- Agency. Confident Brian good taste and smell it won't reveal -- -- is he belongs to.

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{"id":22850221,"title":"'Spent: Looking for Change': Official SXSW Trailer","duration":"3:00","description":"Davis Guggenheim's new documentary explores the plight of the financially underserved.","url":"/Entertainment/video/spent-change-official-sxsw-trailer-22850221","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}