Tribeca Film Festival co-founder on new Clive Davis documentary

ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman talk to Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal.
3:30 | 04/21/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tribeca Film Festival co-founder on new Clive Davis documentary
So geysers and another festival but lineup looks them in the eighth game tonight. Live. Well let's go with your head at the meeting kick up. It's extraordinary and music and movies go together and part of this movie is also about just that. Cultural just taking anything years of music in that statement Clive has done. Everybody's. Bruce Springsteen's. Aretha Franklin earthquake didn't higher seeded patty Simon and at least keys and it's how he's worked with full of them and how he would look at people and say okay it. I need to see your eyes and listening to assign each of them again it's not just no links there. Thanks so granular and that's important when you're pretty. Reducing our senior working with artists and it's just wonderful that the end he goes on his instincts and it's it's a really. It's a wonderful look at his heart. And the concerts is whether this is this the first big cuts doesn't put up close look or speak the previous meeting. The needs. The performer performer in the rebuilding plan Jennifer Hudson and Amy and hired an iron and finally this revote that things. Look at utility gave him. You know respect. Now I read it went yeah. But then again here's that inspire. And the report Kenny G-8. About snow and rain and on and Carly Simon and mean. I mean it was clearly performs. An easy times to Portland before it. Even numbered years. I'm thrilled that she's here tonight and its ailing beaming and so I say yeah. And I. I lets you continue so you speak to anything. And against congratulates me another 10 minutes it's an evening I'm Stanley turner and here in our night meaning you're just. That's not have a pointed out depend and started them. Early 2000 I don't blame an and that ended its invention to wedeman now you have negligence I have Magee and yeah. I was blown. Yeah. You learn here. Lights. And work line meaning it's not like television's live streaming. Everything I've all of our businesses have been just update of what's really exciting news technology is seen a lot of things. And when you look at Gwinnett is how you can tell stories and certainly different plot lines isn't any different artists and tell stories it's. Always been clear TriBeCa has tried to push the envelope. You know years ago queen. Upstream disorder illness. What were they would seek to. Yeah screen the first down that was standing at the Nokia cellphone. End and end his client facilities. Been in Afghanistan similar only sunscreens the first team. At the festival. LEY. The number of years ago. So we're always looking. How you can tell stories and different things including snow check we mean business that's yeah. Oh well yeah just OC. I'll wait and I saw it. I love that yeah I know. You lunch season is now race ring we will do to have much in any case in.

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{"id":46939950,"title":"Tribeca Film Festival co-founder on new Clive Davis documentary","duration":"3:30","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman talk to Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal.","url":"/Entertainment/video/tribeca-film-festival-founder-clive-davis-documentary-46939950","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}