Trump Makes Gaffe When Honoring Frederick Douglass

Some are questioning President Trump's knowledge of celebrated African-Americans after his speech.
5:18 | 02/02/17

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Transcript for Trump Makes Gaffe When Honoring Frederick Douglass
Ruling Pomeroy also has seen a last Friday issued promised. As a black woman in chumps White House she would make sure it is an inclusive administration. Tackle a I'm honored to serve all of the different groups who want to engage. But this administration in fact write down planning our Black History Month program that's going to be extravagant. And here isn't extravaganza. That president trump the route to move up. It's breakfast I am very proud now we have a museum National Mall where. People can learn about reverend king so many other things Frederick. This is an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more I notice. I'm. You how I am isn't I I want to point out with a Frederick Douglass died of engine 22 years ago. Reporters might work quite sure what to make. The president's comments about Frederick Douglas and his Press Secretary Sean spies it didn't really help clear anything up less likely what. I think there's contribution and I think he wants to highlight the contributions that he is made. And I think through a lot of the actions and any and statements he's gonna make I think the contributions of Frederick Douglass will become more and more. It's clear that these two white guys know diddley got up. The person with an in the second they'd like opening history book person they are and talk to phone a friend. But never got to police a Twitter blew up because people caught on to this there are some people that know he's passed a while and up sell. Charlie black history became half tag I celebrate Jesse Jackson who with his Brothers Michael Germain Toto and this soundtrack of our lives and then another one chopped black history Malcolm X was a great leader no long could have led the X-Men better. Reading education. Andrea Day. This was a shocking. To me because Omer Rosa did say here. And I asked her what does she say the criticism that people are are basically saying that Donald Trump is is using her for optics that under the care about black people. And she went off on this long explanation about how you know she was the American dream and how she was there to teach him. I don't know what she has any miss that set lesson. Anyone thing that I think I'll morose to should tell Donald Trump is that you know he's costly talking about black people in the inner cities without jobs and 84 point 4% mr. trump is the percentage of blacks when he private over with a high school diploma or higher. The US census. For a 2012 shows that eleven point two million black children. Are living with two married parents so so this notion. Somehow. Aren't doing well I think it's. Might have been. An instruction and mr. Manning's thinking collision I believe in my salt. Then Steve banning this controlling everything because. It I just feel he's handing. The new president this information and it's just saw him and in a funny way I think maybe he's doing it to each. Yet to blow it all up so that he can get in to become the president I don't know that it's commencement. The gas Vegas is a moment for me on that note bride to CC that it is not adopt but I think he was behind the scenes like best because I think when trump goes and actually acts like trump. With this is what happens that he doesn't know what he's talking that he doesn't do his research if you're gonna do our breakfast and you're gonna be celebrating Brack black or not oh yeah. Do your research know something going out there the other point to be made here though is that. He spent so much time talking about himself into what has been he's talking about. Fox News CNN way when a company didn't hurt women's walk through let's look at the book. Let's get to let's get to the thing we would talk to the ground and gamble gives a nonstop drags this is the perfect time for today's Black History Month FYI. Today we honor. Frederick Douglass. Foreclosure and don't know. Douglas was born a slave escape to New York a twenty. Went on to become a powerful leader Annie anti slavery movement. He was the first black citizen to hold high government ranks including diplomat to the Dominican Republic and later from the republic of eighty. It was also the first black person nominated for vice president of the United States. As Victoria why Dole's running mate I'm the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1872. There are Bali. You lose. I'll you parents. You can read about this incredibly great American football's like interest. Well check it out they. You didn't know. Dab of that history should you know the guys do. He's not a lot can not a little bad. I'm underneath when he was younger. And I really didn't like populist yeah. It.

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{"id":45227567,"title":"Trump Makes Gaffe When Honoring Frederick Douglass ","duration":"5:18","description":"Some are questioning President Trump's knowledge of celebrated African-Americans after his speech.","url":"/Entertainment/video/trump-makes-gaffe-honoring-frederick-douglass-45227567","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}