Behind the Bar: 'Vanderpump Rules'

Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval dishes the series' dirt.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for Behind the Bar: 'Vanderpump Rules'
In its first season the hit Bravo reality show better -- rules brought plenty of drama. Cast bartenders and waiters working for -- banner pub at her restaurants are. Now though in the thick of season two and there is no shortage of breakups make ups even a few drinks being -- So here he gets -- today is Kristen -- and -- sent about guys thanks so much for being with us how to appreciate congratulations season to. Caller -- At -- you say that with -- some hesitation like okay. Our FaceBook status as it's complicated okay. All right well yes that's a fair assessment. Who were working on things okay trying. How does how does that you're out of your relationship play up -- -- and you do you have when it is so publicly. It's really hard watching it back it's harder than I thought. It's almost hard isn't even going through it really yeah I was. Is when -- in the next I mean you. Sometimes it's just so much is happening that that you just you can even taken it. -- because obviously there's a delay with when something that shot and then when it -- Yes it when you do you watch the show then does it kind of re trigger either this cutting definitely most definitely does it's hard to imagine you know going to something really Harding -- six months later it's being -- your face and shoved and hit journal over again. So whether or not you've got over -- -- -- -- maybe you did it you're gonna have to relive it it's not easy and then yes everyone's opinions. You know over a million people giving -- opinions. 22. Took her coworkers Jackson's passing have also lose shown us who were there the rocks and turbulence -- can come along with relationships is it just -- -- that you can't date in the industry isn't just a matter that. Sometimes too close is too close. I am I mean yes I I agree with that sometimes you know too close is too close I think that you know. I mean obviously working living playing together exact timeline and then you throw camera in your face and it just complicates the -- It definitely makes everything a lot bigger per share you know. It's it's one of those things where. You -- you know -- We we have to talk about everything you know you can't just shoot attacks. -- right thing like hey sorry about last night it's like yet talk about it and and wish your opinions and and without you know with a group like -- you know I've known -- for ten years I mean we we've all known each -- for a very long time. And we're not a show that's this passes right we're just we're friends and then you know the cameras is coming -- and so. It really having that close relationship. You know with everyone and being such good friends and really almost intensifies. Everything. Things got very intense and you guys went on the -- boat I'm in debt that was not exactly vacation I think a lot of people would dream did you have some fun while -- Under the spotlight today -- -- honestly that the boosters the parish and -- Hilarious the Nevada not Peter has higher cost him I mean I client and it was. What we're you know -- it was a public -- that -- OK and it yeah yeah I climbed all the way to the -- they said it was the first person to. Had ever been on the boat. And idiotic those 200 years of -- -- What is -- all the way to the in -- and that you're violating some kind of like historic trust right -- -- of -- -- and you could -- the -- strength and I climbed about twenty -- up with just -- alarms on a cable -- -- that you that you -- you've got some bragging rights out of -- then we'll -- added that this despite the -- throwing at 200 year history that kind of. -- and appreciate I am right -- -- last the hotel is amazing. I mean. I'll promise that we saw but don't but I want to ask you use sort of threw an ultimatum. To lease. And I want to play that. I'm not saying regarding an -- have a situation. Long story short and and my my my count them all night. -- -- I'm frank I would absolutely love to put on virtually Jackson's big mouth is kind of -- -- mad because he saw you last night. Cheating. What I'm asking you -- that I don't prefer our Arianna -- as her at all. But it got out of possibility that I don't think -- -- work concerning. -- custody near Arianna please Chris I don't mind. Orange. -- -- They like the heat of the moment decision you made it make that the it -- do you wish you meaning inclined to just as upset that I just -- -- hurt. Tonight you act like. No I can take on the makers had children just saying it can't work with and I don't wanna see -- working with Tom. And then it was like insert foot and mouth emotions -- -- logic runs it's -- -- aria -- Well -- -- from the -- having hot that the relationship with police has obviously had to have changed in the fact that you do have a camera constantly following you around. But you've had a report with her obviously you know a very professional level that you now see -- you you're you're seeking -- -- personal the highest. It is it's a fine line and that's something. Because I have worked for her for so long right six and half years so part of me feels like we supplement loyalty toward me and where's my seniority. But then at the same time she -- a restaurant run at the end of the day but then -- that we are fine line of like. She knows about my relationships -- friendships that she's -- Boston. You know yeah like a little Andrea organizes like he's the boss and sometimes she's the friend. You know so yeah Nancy were you get confused. Yeah but still well I don't give anybody an -- not how to yeah. And how is the response to that sort. Ha ha ha call that -- that's -- view it was it. Did you have to go back and hands and yes it was a happy I think. What I -- I would imagine -- -- that you you that you might. Sort of second guess what you want to say next given the fact that everything is going to be recorded possibly use and you and I would mean let's let's in the fact elect. When something -- edited down at the scene or a situation is slick and a two hour long dinner or something like that. -- -- -- cut down to 45 seconds. What are the editors take -- that the 45 seconds that are here to -- to let our epitomized the flavor of that two hours which makes it even back. Com click hyper -- what we -- hyper reality it's immune everything that I say and I do everything he says does it on the show what we thought we release of those things right but did today. We're following for four months and we have 1445 minute episodes -- can't -- everything's they kind of take. The strong as part of your personality right and amplify it so. In all right so what -- you that most afraid to reveal. On the show. Most afraid I mean really to me tell -- how really gather there -- -- episodes are going to be ten times as intense as it containers that. Finds that that the finale at the reunion. It is insane we yeah we just we just just another union. And it was really intense I mean it's literally -- -- you're gonna get on you know what is -- me a lot more on the reunion. Per share what we're gonna look -- that obviously you're still sitting side by side to -- -- or must it mean intense hopefully brought used together stronger. People exactly that to you -- -- Exactly a talk on camera are Christians thank you got so much we appreciate better -- rules Bravo Monday nights at 9 o'clock that's -- -- -- by. -- --

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{"id":21529515,"title":"Behind the Bar: 'Vanderpump Rules'","duration":"3:00","description":"Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval dishes the series' dirt.","url":"/Entertainment/video/vanderpump-rules-kristen-doute-tom-sandoval-interview-2014-21529515","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}