'After The View': Feb. 18, 2016

Celebrating National Drink Wine Day, who gets the friends when you break up, moving across the country for love, and more hot topics!
12:34 | 02/18/16

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Transcript for 'After The View': Feb. 18, 2016
Whenever what. We're quite done talking they shall and we don't live streaming after the show for those of you who don't have computers you're out of luck unfortunately. You know what. Yet it might have been found to watch him on the phone I want a lot of movies on the phone line in bed they don't let it TV in my bed very young ends. You know it's really kind of fun to have stopped Becky I have to say even though there weren't many rocky years. When those years were topic of the third do you remember. But it was great to see her again I really did enjoy it is the book I haven't read it yet what do you think should claim what is revealing sick days to begin a lot of your say no city does indeed for at. I. Is it clear who U Lar. Kind of put did you play Barbara Walters. Any suggestion. Merrill street. Well Candice Bergen just about playing a game I could be now. Think Ginsburg and that's again Candice Bergen is a very good choice excellence. Who how about Star Jones who complained stock. Over what big plays Viola Davis by no luck yet and Witten in mind this is a VH one production and it. I don't think mountain streams available. And you know and then there's Meredith Vieira. Well I love her any idea anyone op like hearing you complain aren't outplayed near that many good yeah. Now we are ordain joined he should play I think is CNN I'm nauert ordain minister does everybody know that could not. I announced at the other day as a so now I'm in her team. Yeah. My name it we'll give you some jokes and you know he's got up and just how about if they did ops would need to go below would you like to play use sounds. Someone who can't and I'm proud what you like and I would love Reese Witherspoon plea. I. Hi I'm. Myself side. Don't think you look like her little that can save idea yet have you seen yes look a little blond thing I'm not may have had my damn. I thought. Do you want to play us index. Yeah. I don't know that it isn't but she's Collins he needs the and it is Wayne Shorter and it have and you can't. Well I am I cut my daughter you taught me and she quiet week or Drew Barrymore I love it. I tell you true that's a good night at. Me I don't know I think prevent similar bet Midler of course. OK let's do this topic it. Yeah when you get to voice yet and will lose divorced just clapped. Clap of his glove they looked thrilled to be on our sales and so I like the rest of you have either not been married or still married that's amazing. How many viewers still married. Have you have never been married. Streamer all day getting hurt are now she's. Screaming and lots her unsuited to work on a pig farm. I don't recall that gave me more so anyway so when you get divorced you notice how. You must observe this debate not have you a divorce not the only one who was here but some people get some friends and a bit of a they're the member of the of their relationship gets the all the friends would do when that happened up slap in -- ran a boyfriend had brought my right that's right but the cup the end of the friends get split. It's sometimes we had. We met. We have friends and Nate split they weren't married. But we just different ball about we didn't choose sides but only the air friends even though they broke up they're still friendly with each had a and dad shout out to the alleys by the way and so acts. We met we talked to both of them and they had gone off separately but we didn't have that awkward light do we chatter choose sides. Isn't sheriff sounds like until I'm afraid that. I am afraid I have to go with the one that you knew for it like oftentimes you haven't loyalty before and try to go with my girlfriend about a divorce but I remember over the years really wishing I could reach out not to stay friends with her husband. But to just let him no home lake I know things don't always work out but like I really. You know I ones you know at one night you're doing only just vacations I tried to find northeast look at it felt like I was cheating on someone. She was asking you Phillip you reach out to him that she's going to be bad she would I think she would be I think she would so like I just curious is he widely known her since I was eighteen. Act friends were flat roads you right yes I knew I knew where my loyalties have what I never found him but it wasn't really too. I think he and I would've said this hurts not to create a new relationship I just wanna didn't know that just because. It didn't work out between them that I eat I didn't really enjoyed getting to know him and I think about it and will be doing well now announcement. I don't think about all the friends I have who are divorced which is all of them time. I haven't got. I'm friends and only the women I think really Palin my friends of the first place sound sorry about that I didn't think it. Now talking about marriage or relationships though a blogger at the half post says that she moved moved cross country for love and she doesn't regret it. Now would you do that moved cross country for somebody you move to Brooklyn now the country will to get I didn't digit I did show gut tells his story. Well I didn't now acts eighteen Belgian husband without my has banned or Russia he's trash out from Russia with love him and I. And I was working in LA but he was playing hockey in Montreal for the Canadians and when we wrapped our show I know when we got a baby she can't act how wanted to live this. I love acting and I were there during hockey c.s and for seven years. Between Montreal and Calgary before he got traded to use some. Nineteen in the end when you're okay with a I what I. I love can't and I loved the Canadians I loved hockey team I love and Canada has served me very well but it was and how the different transition for me because I went from working actress channel. Being a hockey life which was so different yeah yeah. I had anything I obviously glad that I did and where it turned out when he here in the marriage in June and outreach. Or. I think Barak does make her grow conduct really I didn't find that at all. I already July. I moved to Rhode Island my first husband for yet in any of the Rhode Island I'll go the one person we'll look back. Apparently small stakes. And dot I I think I bought a ball. I think was my first nervous breakdown I couldn't take it I could not take being away from my friends my family my mother my father everybody it was. I was horrified by the whole experience. Thank you probably know of and that it did you would being in Rhode Island it could have been anywhere condemning loads for odd to exit sixty out on Long Island ace and I think this is suicidal later. Six exits exceeding I don't know highway when he led to. I feel bad for him and start out well would not married anymore unprecedented up an amount based of them yeah. I mean I I'm me I understand this topic on Kynan. In conversations with someone right now who did the same thing in mood for love and also moved for work but also mood for themselves and it's like. A big world Wynn of moving and changing life. And life and when I tell them is you know things are gonna keep getting. Pulled from underneath you especially in this time of change in just did not want this I want something stable I want something years like in feel like I have my bearings moving from. A beautiful state. To another state. They're headed. I talk presage you know and it's interesting because many I'd rather have the entire world pulled out from underneath me and me building up the indifferent false senses of stability eat. And then I'm I'm stable gonna get pulled out stable and I get pulled out so when you're moving for lover worker Stanley. It's there's going to be changes and I think that you have to do it for yourself first and not you know not to follow us not had a Bobble somebody to yourself first this went assume all of the went to uproot your life then and spot basis. Whether climate things change the out these change of life and I'm stalking and practically but they never they are. My best frank. Actually was at a really burgeoning career and she ended up moving to Australia for her now husband worked out that he set our mind mom that made her. And Kathleen my mom was chatting with her Ed. Aron asked for advice she said you know what what should I do it my mom what she's not really a romantic but she said. You can always start again if you think this might be something special you don't wanna look back and regret it now. And a year later they were engaged that you have a little baby get a great thing I don't live in Australia know it was it was a short term it was like when those consultant gigs not offering your two but can she ended up pack heat. He went bad schools they disdained London spinning get back to the speech for like five years. I remember she really beat yourself up as a career woman is and not just decree Robinson and I was really had a lot like the command has it. His difficult time making that decision because now women they have to travel to California to be in the in the business and the men have to give up their lives to doing today it's is it. We should I think it hard for man we should ask me ask Brian Brian we have our object and a resident map. Hi Brian how would you still haven't decided she was gonna have a career in our strategy would you give up your job here at the view and he like yeah. It sounds lovely. Good yeah don't. And yet I just. Left the job after a long time we were talking about different places we would have to live via and we talked about moving across the country and in she was game Ford's side have it would depend on what what you have to do it at a facility opportunities where for me there too but whatever was best for the family it's well this woman that you just described had a burgeoning Korea cheated and I really a man says I have to surely they opera turned it. Well I mean. Yeah out bottomless crack down on the back in the exam a list but he has two kids with pat there might not bring hadn't even gotten engaged at its bill. He Bryant come moderate wing didn't receive little girls we ever and leave you behind to the plan let me not let out. Well let's rethink our answers before we do this yeah. And we have to hang so I want you know what I'm. A beautiful girl here Candace her family owns a winery we know and not California I'm Napa Valley and now about what it. Frank Stanley why. Yeah yeah name and your thoughts on the family had taken right Kajima these in my pocket and my husband Doug cuts BM didn't excel and I can't retired from hockey. And then became a bit that we are widely offered ten Hudson hockey players sledge Vietnam. Wow. So taste the wine until I you know I smelled it and I'm such a things. Like I can't drink and I just now all of that can lend a nail they can't let their lesson how well I haven't how nice it appeared I can't. I think she can't even drive it up and I'm pretty I don't drink to get let Brian I would let's hear your hands again. Could I didn't I don't. It's not good but not. It's not why not. Too late I. Coca. No more my ex husband lady did yeah. And everybody. Don't think getting hit us up on Twitter and FaceBook and will be back tomorrow yes yeah.

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