Week 13 NFL Fantasy Forecast

ABC News' Michael Huberman and meteorologist Mel Griffin talk football and weather.
10:56 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for Week 13 NFL Fantasy Forecast
Welcome to C forecast lie I meteorologist now here with me a lovely night Hubert and there's news. Of art well is definitely an honor I'd hoped it was the first time at our. Lovely. Cell we here today to talk about all. Start off by saying unfortunately. The first Sunday and the entire offseason that crying and watching while off. But it's very angry with good eateries you know he doesn't agree that it agrees and fifty. Girls think ill or idle a year in the light went early on late on Friday they act eighth inning. And of course back at how up we'll watch party. All six hours straight out that day with my friends who also are crazy market go Michael an ex. And do it on. All the way. You act on an earnings announcement. That it it it and I think you have definitely six a man from six hours by one doctors on Saturday football. And awful day panel. Ole spread on the table and says it was up all this is like an event it was a bullet it was basically part it was it was an easy is typical for me to comprehend buyers. Is it was Polyone in the past days. Then I'm happy. As your coach buster I'm happy. Barry is summit spine that it east audit. Honor I have he saw all the theories in the season with Austin annaly parents there obviously my parents know ideally. But that and I only educates it is an alien parents. They are ops. I I had a couple of days with the art Nina. So we've been talking about it operate in the south Dixie Alley as well call it that it's an eerie tornadoes heat for places like Mississippi and Alabama so I think it is that after regular girls that at this wonderful day and it is Gilmore Girls glee as an icon street where. And it's. Calling out. One experience in the other and so busy with adult rooms and that's what everyone is you know there result there is at least 48 reported in the past couple is now apparent and we everyone's eating up everything acts then all. It is isn't on house now we're seeing here Saturday down south or at least for an howls are whether question what is sleep the immediate aftermath whether allies of the tornadoes Daryl Vereen lot of wind light heat. So right handers so what you grow whether I don't know it up. An outlet or outlet Elena nightly at those specialties ranked so let me tell what happens after party rap break it actually you know. This happens you have that friend that brings all those tornadoes that really really you're at Eric Wright. Damaging winds hail lightning it's all you know wrecked across the south and at that front news. It skinny lot lot to it it's just a line of storms and is. Dry beautiful sunshine is directly behind it sounded a note that so it actually it at the letter is her right behind act fronts it's going from one extreme to the other front it's completely. She act when action got it its example it and angry and eighth clean up hip. On national picture is damaged teams are turning. To see how strong tornadoes aren't looking at tracks now. Now there is evil yet. Get back. Absolutely that's an important holidays yet it's off all that it happened. So there are. LT and how on the answering how is. Latter third and last of course lately green age not. The gas where it's going to be snow eat wind chills below thirty degree nights it's your typical December there an upper midwest and yet. That's kind of our our story going on our next couple days threatens its snow shower and Iqbal a generic I'd yeah. Our way through it that's. That's just. On a Sunday like that I asked. Oh for you pursing the jets' loss against Bob mind let's. I was another really good weekend sort of you know post election and not repeat weeks in football the outcome the ratings obviously. The big thing were quarterback injuries. You know coming into last week Tom Brady had an injured mean. And throughout the gamers the jets he really struggled with accuracy. Right you know there's always sort of the mystery of whether he treats players were injured will not play at one wreck and he played an. He was uncharacteristically. Inaccurate just throws or ceiling overseers heads an hour. Yeah well as a sort of a last. I don't yeah last night and come back again by a great. But he's still a beacon he's moving around him particularly well. So that's the look out for this week forced the rams pretty good matchup with it. The other injuries were David. There are our. Brother David and Derek are pretty casts the finger injury he came back or Blackwell and again the raiders line and it played well. Playing well he's been very it is only NDP I add up and play and she and eat right out house title and yet he's been really good this year and so some you know lots obviously with a finger. And then Trevor Cindy who had a really good games and in that was the game of the week she Roscoe. A last second overtime field off the ports postponed NN. And he played very well over 300 passengers TDs but he's also done with foot injuries. You know how those three perform. This coming week will be interest NC human entry. That's something just everyone keep an eye out Renton all car accidents. Plane at the playoffs now ready product and Gaza is crucial time out. A spotlight at watch it there you know in practice by practice and last decision yet that with an eye out on. Also. All the. Some called property can sort of revived his. Fantasy rates over the past four games is a touchdown passes multiple TD passes. He's using his legs again Ukraine really good game last week is almost all all thirty. And yet he was great and so now he's kind of like fantasy option again and he's got in theory a really good maps and this week against a pretty bad bears team. But it's and you and it it detested this. The weather this week in Chicago is those being right. So that's an eagerness the girl at least is already is you know what you mean you puppies on. Alcohol and not right for any absolutely. On sell it angry. Look and I'll keep going on his hot on. You know. We're talking windshield like in the upper severance accounts. Or talking range reminds now talking and I mean it's at all read every day you know it's it went. Out there front and out right now. How does that mean warm climate iron so it's. That's what makes me get beat out an. Amnesty any you know we've got his art without him recchi. Yeah its yeah I mean if I'm. There were an avid anti Soviet era space to see sort of you know towards the end of the year is worth having but you know it's it's nice to see that he's been able to come get back to where he was eight years ago hours of the one batter he was back at age gap actually seen it or accuracy and. Lay off. And other parts I want her on talk about real quick and Carlos heightened. Why is you know without written an injury getting act and it ain't lassie eating on catching the ball coupled as well as running. And miners you know as some Alley cat really much. Here absolute last week's end and Colin Patrick's opponent last week mines and held the Miami Athens he also has become a better fantasy you know option. He has had multiple touchdown passes last four games which is being re Adam case is coaches really opened up the options for him. So he's someone that you know again why Kaplan as probably worth to have an roster. When you get toward the playoffs appear in it and maybe he someone you can stream start at the as a cricket match up. Right and our air I want his receivers are also doing well he seems like a lot of big eyes and he plays he's seen on her as a place that pairing him and are acting. Yeah absolutely. Their house on your team are happening there LIR. Me me start this. If you yes style and court about his RG RG theory go largely what does that mean what does it mean well. In art history said his money was song from his car this weekend's that's a biographer and last week RG Barry you know RG three. Probably not worth a tendency activities coming off an injury in certain really hasn't been effective for the better part of the last three years. But it will be adjusting to see what they can do. You know when he's back next couple weeks sort of look into the future he's got Terrelle Pryor's got Corey Coleman he's got guys there's. Yeah we'll see it. Yet battered yet at least. He's our status. Absolutely I think there's also want them jones' three like receive yes you're and yes an award like that. Hi Rick hill from achieves theater huge games and the united return. Rushing catching breaking I think he is really worth and patties that when he plus Texans past three games within the ball lot and when he gets the ball he can. He's great he reminded not at all or. When seeded Spaniards that you know it and adds to it yeah I RE game against the patriots yet the but Capps was about touchdown and columnists and talk about it it all right. He is that it's a big target and there's really no tight ends up. Goes to martial Art Shell and lots are options all and in the last guy Malcolm Mitchell on on the patriots rookie. Georgia he's had three touchdown pass to means seems to be answering. Honorees circle of trust which is not an easy thing to do so when when you get it and you get in there is status so. For there I mean obviously receiving two now three weeks in route again against the rams street in match of those three guys were only if there. So it might create ice on them three at three good lack receiver via. If you know. Gilmore Girls. US. Degree in his past. I had unity thirteen play out that it. And next.

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