What's on Wolfgang Puck's Menu for the Oscars Governors Ball

ABC News' Lesley Messer talks to Wolfgang Puck about what he's preparing for the Oscars Governors Ball.
19:48 | 02/18/16

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Transcript for What's on Wolfgang Puck's Menu for the Oscars Governors Ball
Hi everyone it's Leisle master entertainment editor for abcnews.com. I came here at the press preview for the governor's Bob. Which will take place after after the Oscars on Sunday. And I'm gonna put the camera because the man in front of me is the one you really want your brow. Hot Shaq the governor's ball. How I'll about the friends he got into. At the government has will be critical what 1006. Permanently but now I have been great thing about steps we have it folks in the end they haven't stepped syndicates and and fixed on the way to. We've made cities different basis so Ethiopia behind me you can't stop maybe it's them. Smoke some money off of them have been great but they don't be a copy maybe have been puppet says that it will be locked up. Maybe you'll like this you know on an ops. Then you can always have political mistake but delivers short red sport your head like we have no one's own life. We are also ahead can't make good vision daily animal. Born using a hands. Be local again back you know. We have our you know on lobster thing had innately objective is and begun at seven amid MO of run. Beautiful we might actually like that and then we had something quoting you'll have. They have Alla. Homemade don't which may make school and and we don't write and record them on these companies did it. And then itself from the rafters thoughts that people want that we payment with an Enron escape brand is about vigilance. I don't. Like what they don't have big. There have been good if lifted up here. So we got to cultivate them black CNN chief and like that Chinese and that's it. Win them on right that's gonna hit in the fifth infantry and I think it out of this. And eating baby sit. And a hot hot yet how about what I'm not only me but some in every event problem that's right. How would that everybody loves that by itself is significant but I've been black problems and that same thing is that I'll tell. You know I believe it but didn't eat for a long time you know double date voted most of the people of a busy getting ready but comes. 930 at night everybody's. And I think most of the fever was saving a vegetarian. If we. What about bonds been Dick pound is that I want it now items valued pay tightening everything I've gotten us these aren't aren't eating in the weeks leading up the Oscars to. The draft right now zealot but cap 10 o'clock at night yeah and the governor of more everybody's hungry everybody. Loves this. Everybody can take home. A child let us not so you don't have to be in it you didn't think yeah. And off couple months so we make 5000 of them I let me fight. Though that's clearly. Code that it now and when people cannot vote. All we have so many highlight the kind of about this country we have if you think sprint most of it is. Chocolate taste that is because I love chocolates no who did he does definitely had a pretty teams. You know there are a lot of class and I didn't think he's chocolate and cookies things that everybody. And anything like things. We have a lot of these. Out of the chocolate Oscars. No there's no. Good news things like that. I don't think the people of. My state radio as saying congratulations on. You all about Thanksgiving and living. Okay. So now we've talked to Wolfgang Puck and his pasty chef Tyler outlawing the battery DI hope. What they're serving but at obviously not the only thing that's levs will be enjoying the governor's ball. We have behind us you can see I'm gonna put the cameras. Okay so now. Eight you can either very late in the pregnant minors can't evil action pops. They're doing here. TQ over to see. What the decor is gonna look like. It even this year's governor's follows arts and obviously if you're in New York you've been just parties mean you've been to the brown derby NL I. But one of this one of the day. Decourt statement in those restaurants. I picture pictures major celebrity and so. Jeffrey crow and that had. The governor and her. The events and shout at Eaton is the producer Ian and decided to commissioned artists to create caricatures. A major stars that that the starts at the Oscars can either colleagues. Here we have a under this view of Hollywood royalty. I am turning. OK so then we got this is what the table they're gonna look like you can see there's sterling Lyon is going to be the line. That you're the US. He eats more at the fact ends. Over here mark held of mark's garden. We'll hear more from him next week. But he is explaining. Which you envisioned producers floral theme there's a lot of whites I'm turning it again. So this year with you. Here at the third during the cocktail. You answered in the middle interviews street house until when and that too much but this is one of my favorite parts of the enactment of coming up to break out. Actually envelopes that are going to be held handed out there like attend an effort to cameras can see them there will be more intricate than what's on television. Frequent and giving the specifics here is he's got it down pat. It's really unbelievable the amount of detail that doesn't send an attorney at right now and I sure you'd rather see it discredits him. Eat. And anything. We haven't left. Gary laughed yeah. It's pretty amazing. Here. And more yeah about. Pretty creamy. Into the adding this is where it there it Oscars are the only thing left to show you more than it obviously heard from Wolfgang are ready. But you really have to see all of case. Easy preview lacked its current live crabs they're big potatoes with happy hour there's the dessert spread that Polyone Buick teaching the probably statement. The event because it is so spectacular and again use just yet believe it's I'm gonna turn the camera one more time. They're iron. Oscar news. Yeah. Okay. Apparently a lot yeah. Probably one of everyone rest. We're trying to. I'm Mary Tyler. I'm have so much chocolate as well. Learning PD. There's something for everybody. Yeah out of everything. Good. Skinner. Or shine. Shouldn't not to back. There's even work. He now. Palin jokes that Hollywood aren't. And I really hope. Hope everything needs. An average. Not that it is taking over to look at. Inspirational words that you can get in Paterson we're this isn't what's going on but you don't like this at the Oscars actually teeth please shock. Dobie theater in the middle of the big shopping center of Hollywood and manner and parties I'll take place in different rooms with in that ability. So the fact that they've been able to transform. Things banner into one of the most spectacular parties of all time is pretty extraordinary. Here are the inspirations they had pity about. Harry CC this is the governor's ball in 2010. Minutes from the C a better that way. I. But actually looked like this is due out in time it's just 2013. And this is last year's. They need this we looked. Any idea. Of how different they are you can see that every year they tried to do. Obviously there's I've worked well for every looking ahead and his favorite things to do you think I'm yeah. Every year he dies. Chocolate Oscars. But also shakes it up which is I think he's been doing this for so many years and every year he manages to do something a little bit different. So what else can I show. At the wind right. He's really mind. We're. Here it's. Having on mom and the third. He didn't Herbert and her passing out. I'm happy lion. And it's a party and the Oscars and everyone's pretty excited about it. Where this campaign. And actually. Involves patents. Apparently the governor's ball producers aren't due difference. I need to be one relative to desserts just because. Patrick and slashing and I'm going to try. I think he not only. Actually lives. I. Here. Meaning you gave him talent you're gonna have to distress and that's one. Mount unbelievable. I tried to that much in its early air because. Given the wrong it was really really got me no surprise there don't have. Make. Chicago day. Killer. The EU. I got. I'm going to eat you need that because it's early I haven't had black pants. And it smells really great. I. Right now. Because there weren't two little lighter thinking if he's. Didn't take a look at what I mean if you. He says all it can't but as a new Angelina I miss New York pizza and I have to think that Wolfgang. Does it right so here's that we're dealing with. I'm sure any that look very appetizing. Trying to. Lately eating area. I mean it's an evening news right there looking back and that he's doing. He's a huge restaurants where with the huge restaurant. Enterprise. Parents bottle in Los Angeles yet to be doing obviously it's amazing the man is making donuts and a crying about the city do. Can get another look at pat re hearing training camp. I think I'd you can dramatic moments and and east of Bangkok blond thing down pat and Oscars party. It doesn't really get any better than. They hope you guys have gotten better sense with the governor about governors ball is gonna look like. Oscar Sunday which just as a reminder is. February 20 right here on ABC we'll be covering it on my so please stick with us for that. Again this lastly master. From the entertainment out of her break ABC news digital at the governor's ball preview in Hollywood California thank you so much for joining.

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{"id":37034015,"title":"What's on Wolfgang Puck's Menu for the Oscars Governors Ball ","duration":"19:48","description":"ABC News' Lesley Messer talks to Wolfgang Puck about what he's preparing for the Oscars Governors Ball. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/wolfgang-pucks-menu-oscars-governors-ball-37034015","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}