One-on-One with Zoologist Jarod Miller

A vulture, a kangaroo and porcupine invade the ABC studios.
13:48 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for One-on-One with Zoologist Jarod Miller
We will have to -- -- -- -- -- in the studio before today -- a little different because the guests are actually expected to be a little over the top. Because -- animals. And bringing them here. Is celebrities -- wallet just Jared Miller who is host of animal exploration with Jared Miller -- Gerri thanks for being with an -- day event and thanks for bringing along some friends yeah we're gonna meet some really amazing features ivory here in studio and money you as involved as possible side you can almost be. With the death and as he allowed to change threat out there we have is that we signed insurance claim with over all with ABC tell us a -- good about your show -- showdown vote. You've been in syndication for seven years now on an animal exploration it's really geared towards kids we packet full a -- of full of a ton of scientific information mean we travel around the country travel. Com all over the place. Learning about animals and really kind of becoming the -- let me go into their environment we learn -- there natural habitat about there. Dated a characteristic throughout my background my most fascinating my fascination is with animal behavior I like -- -- like to. Figure out why animals do what they do in a lot of it depends on the other adaptations -- -- -- it depends on you know that environments that there and but -- it also just -- and depends in drives like. -- survival on this planet. I think you know certainly that -- -- is geared towards kids but is it animals is a great unifier that brings all ages because -- -- -- here in the studio. Listen we get Clooney we get big names coming Diane Sawyer works about twenty right there -- -- -- it's a big name's Greta but I've -- half the building evacuated into the studio today defeating this is seeing these guys it would have. Well let's and -- is massively in you know and what's even. With even cool to be sad is that a bird like this which is it's a vulture red is a very beautiful vulture -- very well adapted their than an anti Egypt denied that its an Egyptian -- And just -- -- -- -- -- featured him they would even when you think -- a -- to a growing up as a kid. -- -- like the mental image of a vulture I mean ugly nasty you know roadkill on the -- says David data ugly nasty. But -- this. That's the -- -- -- at the animal kingdom is all these birds that might have. You know that these kind of misconceptions but. There are all the way they are very very specific reason tonight hope they're much yeah I don't suited Iowa merely had here but let's -- bulletproof -- okay have to hold under Jackson's neck as she lots of life around she's a look at big bureau and eventually that is not -- And look how beautiful this is now. The Egyptian boats and -- the reason. Most people see vultures in my whole day to close to my face that's you have much longer arms than ideas well here that's batter hit as you probably hasn't gotten much better reflexes can respond directly tonight as -- can -- they're very -- no -- I think your safety and because obviously about -- being a scavenger. Act lightly and then nobody can really go for things that don't move -- they like they like their food well constant movement and yet it hasn't -- not make direct eye contact she is just so wonderful brilliant again this is a bird it's a adapted. To an environment that's in Egypt and we traveled you know all throughout Africa and -- -- happened. -- -- on North Africa and is down it's a very formidable. Place to live in the spirit is existed. For tens of thousands and evolved over millions of years to live that harsh and Brian I mean she is beautiful you and I were talking earlier today -- she's not -- with this white -- -- it actually takes quite a long time a lot of birds you know like the whole ugly duckling syndrome or even like a baby Swan Lake about -- born very. They're born naked -- -- helpless you know even a peacock -- some evil parents a beautiful birds. It takes quite a long time to to kind of become the beautiful birds that you know in this Egyptian politics which is -- -- Pretty much in it and I'll tell you why this is. They're born kind of like brown and modeled in and it's really for camouflage and it's -- the first five years of their life with this kind of like. -- -- just typical more of aides in house -- -- kind of pattern and then eventually they just. Become this pure white beautiful bird in this really helps out in that -- -- him because. In you know some -- -- and high amounts of sun. This birds white clean image allows him to reflect the sun's Univision -- -- -- me. She was she's actually probably just gonna taste a little bit you know -- -- that it Brian. Muslims that walkway with thoughts and that's -- exactly and we think of that -- precious thing about it is she's got a good grips. Cutting really going to be a finger at -- prayer and ends -- -- incredible and you know vulture like this again -- -- to the one the only vultures that really. Do some. Some hunting is well on each desert town oppression just like a -- are now or other raptors the is that temperature to catch their very beautiful actors and I'm gonna get her back here -- -- -- we're in who ask you bring equality and access -- yet -- become. And take clean clear -- and clear again for six years old. And she's she's -- about seven houses at least yet is an amazing a lot of kids you know when it sucks -- you a lot of people think that birds of prey. Com are very happy I keep it even -- dramatic exit even though the death of the half of the even like a big bald -- on the overtime animals that are only you know 1015. 01. Oh isn't this -- she's. Again this was making a noise and this is -- -- bachelor one regrets -- -- cottage row hitting me isn't -- beautiful in the facility and so feet. It is a beautiful North American court -- She -- analysts -- huge. -- -- -- -- And then you are I don't know whether these are heading in the right direction they're usually I would I would imagine the other way yet another what you're gonna get quote does it mean her hair and I'll -- -- -- -- just modified Catholics if this. They love anything in anything that. Would -- would base obviously papers -- afraid kitchen can CA I mean -- just shoot it out in what's needed is a porcupine believe it or not. Is -- -- just like a squirrel or ground or rat really they're on the same family and credits they're characterized for the fact that he -- is growing. But they're like I humans and other -- if you stop going after laugh if he's continuously grow throughout their life and so they have to chew on things to keep. -- -- Byzantine -- yet yeah I want my producer kind of like well that's probably the best use of the script that we had contact does that have -- CC let's show he's good script might get cut at how important his list critical live. About fifteen years or so -- -- which is actually quite a long time for running now think about rodents in the terms of mice mice don't live very long -- Hundreds of babies over the course you know -- -- year. You know it depending on. In the species but this porcupine they're looking more like a human or eight you know the -- -- the reasons she's whining and she's so compromised machines because she was -- was raised at the situation. She's very bonds to teach -- less like the planning. That issue -- issue like grapefruit is another -- part of our the need to show a demonstration had a -- -- and what I what I noticed that you just Clinton and -- their right and but it you allow me to explain like really what a -- can actually do. Now quell is a look at that it's just modify -- it's it's covered the carrots and nineteenth in. Just -- human hair quell you know it fits in one -- these guys are the only animals porky pines here in North America and in Africa. They developed these -- for protection. And this is what a quote from him. Are you serious through play. While that on the legal that is -- -- So a bit but positive for actually for to grow since they -- -- -- -- -- now a big misconception -- -- that the -- -- quick -- as the -- really. They only the -- the only release them if it were -- -- But this -- from an African -- department of about three times the size. Little -- here and this is that well they can. Actually -- adult African line. That has -- so -- the nominees animation has this look at -- -- find him throughout the north tonight holder which you critic but I get -- you know she's got some equal standing what you want you obviously -- -- horizon that's what if you continue turn around the fact that justice to -- because the difference here that these -- side. -- about if you like that. -- -- And look at this -- Yeah she mean and I think that's. Here in primary and treacherous things are motivated by is that there there you go Erica -- to stop at sixteen candles on the way was it really did this test yes yes -- all -- sudden there full of twelve schools are different mind. And network -- -- the quote accidental part. And what happens in particular Bill -- so if it were to -- He knew that -- that -- -- -- -- he's boring and boring and so. You know you know -- jogger you know. God -- like you -- your child bride -- rhetoric accidentally. I'm she is that she is acute is that you can't have these as pets now I'm -- that this than it is easy -- -- you know for declines in again they are there reminisces. -- an education ambassador she's been. She tells who she saw she smells good that's -- he -- she -- I think -- -- that. Really anything EA my guess I'll look at me yeah yeah yeah you're right -- -- -- However argue renting and bubble with a left the gym bag in their economic there's no way that this this -- Any native Matthew what's the -- she does now better than them at the -- actually have Mary that's another part of the defense they just had this musky odors that -- potential predators that there is there and obviously and a credit that they -- -- -- activities as being natural predator. And the -- to defend yourself extremely well and fortunately there is one. Credit -- here in North America that has the ability. To put court declines and opinions and chemical Fisher Fisher is a big number -- weasel family -- and they've figured out over time that. Parking -- obviously their values are very soft very volatile there official actually the first decline. Hundred times that they had to waiting for this guy -- -- it -- stated dizzy. They follow and then that's -- the predator. The bonds by united that's great animals evolved in Indiana. And the predators act as well -- all right -- Selassie who we have for you really does have a an alert to her -- -- -- deathly habit have the unique. Without. I thought maybe maybe it's your -- that I was indicted earlier -- well -- there. And and except. -- barely out. Now last but not least here's what I call a friend like I have my favorite animals that is really wow talk about an animal that has evolved and adapted to be one of those amazing -- and visiting inning grand. Is a a beautiful great kangaroo. And she's only about two years old. And with some easy -- didn't you know big -- wasn't his point -- wraps around lunch is on when she's too she's tenacity years ago she was literally that. Size of the tip my thing I really anything here. Because being a marsupial. And again -- are done -- from nowhere else on the island of Australian a lot of the -- and Australian marsupials but what makes -- this that you need. Obviously there is an apparent that there -- so tiny in the first. Moments of life. This little Ingrid had to make his journey from -- -- -- birth like regular mammoth crowd at the outside of the -- All they -- her only begin is done that -- the past two went on the outside back in and then attach yourself to an -- and it takes about six months and then develop about the size one to grow and that -- it's really -- and kangaroos are incredibly strong having various Tanya I mean she's. Females are -- -- -- in the mark Doss a lot of the two it's it's a very much at. But -- -- and actually a multitude of -- call them up because they have this. This young group of females and then you just had these males. That will battle to the death to -- defend their territory as well stickers reading activity -- she might -- OK RF. Are we can do that you are okay. But it and if a company -- the country like a little and then so they let them that the public be like curled in huddled up like this the and lateral fifth but Batavia -- -- the -- a scene if she was gonna. Box me on the set money if -- -- in the Helen Nellie definitely do it and I remember. -- filmed figures for many years and I've gotten in situations where that it's okay. I'm about as tall as the fingers stuck hero come up to me and grabbed at their stubby little arms and then they leaned back and kick the tires horse. And in Los Angeles -- about about how fingers is there always looking to knock each other out of reproductive. Ability families into the same spot on the yet to be paid any human yet to be careful when your approach -- and what -- what's lifespan and it has nothing is you know they do have a relatively long -- had -- -- at twelve to fifteen years typically. And that's in captivity in the wild and -- must last as you know like here -- you know here in New York we have. Deer crossing signs around dollar gradually upstate and Australia to have signs because unfortunately fingers main creditor our vehicles she careful. When they felt -- -- -- White tailed -- would hear music she is absolutely. Beautiful and you're gonna let -- you come back on -- -- more and ultimately this is this is -- -- -- as -- goes to -- -- yep absolutely out of -- -- actually participate as a -- mother in Iraq -- any message carried out. I have to do is provide our pouch OK but -- you -- he said he -- -- -- so that's come out like this. And then in -- hold that parts like that a check in shall do all the work in reeling earnings -- And lift up. And then that's and then she has done. He's done they act all right it's like Jared Miller and oil exploration a league with a kangaroo in my pocket and give it. Again.

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{"id":24078918,"title":"One-on-One with Zoologist Jarod Miller","duration":"13:48","description":"A vulture, a kangaroo and porcupine invade the ABC studios.","url":"/Entertainment/video/zoologist-jarod-miller-interview-2014-vulture-kangaroo-porcupine-24078918","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}