Advice from Liz Pryor: Finding a Way Through Divorce


Advice Guru: Navigating Divorce

As often as words of wisdom fall on smiling faces and deaf ears, this is a time to listen and take action.

Besides surrounding yourself with the people you love and need. Besides knowing it's okay to lose it, and to question every single thing in life you ever thought you could count on. Besides making sure you do things in life to get your attention off yourself. You must do this.

The experience of divorce can render you so sick of yourself you won't know what to do.

This is something I know for sure. Something that, if I could bottle, would bring the kind of peace and faith that would make all of our experiences ones we could manage with faith and pride.

This is the time in your life when you have to learn to champion yourself.

You have to become the kind of support to yourself that you were to your husband, and that you are still to your kids.

We, as women, move mountains for everyone but ourselves. The bright and silver lining to divorce is in the opportunity we have to become for ourselves who we are to so many others.

There isn't a quick and easy magical way for me to say this, so I will just say it: Get hold of all the strength you have inside, use what you already have and steer it for the first time in your own direction.

Give yourself the break, the time, the love, the support and the faith. That is what will take you the furthest and the fastest.

Believe you can do it, and you will.

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