Girl's Illness Traced to 'Toxic' School

A health and safety team, composed of Berkey, a parent, teacher, school nurse and maintenance technician, regularly inspects the entire school looking for leaks, dirty ventilation filters and making certain that only non-toxic cleaners are being used in the classrooms.

"It's a really good feeling to know that if you take a little time out locally in your schools that the impact can be really far-reaching," said King.

How far-reaching? Thanks to King and other parents' efforts, every school in her district has similar toxin-fighting teams, protecting the health of some 3,500 students -- including Kellianne.

"I feel very proud to have a mom that would do that for her kid instead of just giving up and saying, 'Oh well, I can live with them being like this forever,'" Kellianne said. "Just fighting. Also, not just for me but for other kids."

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