Excerpt: "Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?"

So where does the name Adam's apple come from? Most people say that it is from the notion that this bump was caused by the forbidden fruit getting stuck in the throat of Adam in the Garden of Eden. There is a problem with this theory because some Hebrew scholars believe that the forbidden fruit was the pomegranate. The Koran claims that the forbidden fruit was a banana. So take your pick -- Adam's apple, Adam's pomegranate, Adam's banana. Eve clearly chewed before swallowing.

Can men lactate?

You can't write a book called Why Do Men Have Nipples? without getting a question about lactating men. This one came during a radio interview when an irate caller insisted that a man could nurse his own child. We argued with him, but there was no convincing this guy (Benson -- are you reading this?) that it was not possible.

Here is the truth. The mammary glands of human males can produce milk but certainly not enough to feed a child. Usually male milk production is from a pathological condition. The most common cause of man milk is a prolactin-secreting tumor (prolactinoma) in the pituitary gland. Prolactin is a hormone that stimulates milk production. Overproduction of prolactin may be caused by some drugs, including phenothiazines, certain drugs given for high blood pressure (especially methyldopa), opioids, and even licorice. Male lactation is also caused by the hormonal treatments used in men who are suffering from prostate cancer. Doctors use female hormones to decrease the growth of the prostate, but these can also cause milk production or galactorrhea.

Extreme starvation -- by radically disrupting the equilibrium of hormone production -- can also make men lactate (this has been observed in prisoners of war).

It is also possible for males to induce lactation through constant massage and stimulation of the nipple over a long period of time but that sounds like a lot of work. Then there is the fruit bat. Only one male mammal, the Dayak fruit bat, is known to produce milk.

So if you are a male fruit bat with prostate cancer who likes to massage his own nipples, and you happen to be a prisoner of war -- let the nursing begin.

Why do men snore more than women?

In our last book we dispelled the myth that men fart more than women. So what about snoring? In this case the men are guilty as charged. We do snore more for several reasons. To begin with, women have anatomically different airways than men. Women have a wider airway circumference so if there is any obstruction, there's a chance the air passing through will not be as likely to hit the oropharyngeal structures as it would in a man. Additionally, a woman's airway is less prone to collapse than a man's airway, and that works in her favor as far as snoring is concerned.

When men put on weight they tend to put it on around the neck area, whereas women put on weight around the hips. The fatty tissue around the neck literally squeezes the airway closed so air can't pass through smoothly. Air then hits the structures within the throat and vibrates them, which causes the noise we know as snoring.

Smoking and drinking also lead to increased snoring. In general, women tend not to smoke and drink as much as men, and therefore don't suffer the snoring consequences.

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