EXCERPT: 'I Can Make You Sleep'

Book Excerpt: ?I Can Make You Sleep?

Paul McKenna, best-selling author of "I Can Make You Thin," has out a new book and CD set on the secrets of getting regular, deep sleep. "I Can Make You Sleep" uses methods that McKenna has developed over 20 years.

In McKenna's technique, the book and CD are designed to work together to reset your body's natural sleep mechanism. He says that his approach will increase the amount and quality of your sleep.

Read an excerpt of the book below, and head to the "GMA" Library for more good reads.



Hypnotist and therapist Paul McKenna discusses his new sleep-aid book.

The system in this book and CD will make a huge improvement to your life. If you've suffered from insomnia or from disruption to your sleep then I have written this book for you! This system will do more than help you sleep longer, it will also significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Human beings spend approximately 30 percent of their life asleep so almost a third of your entire existence is about to become significantly better.

Every human being has a natural inbuilt ability to sleep deeply and for long periods of time. We are going to re-establish your sleep cycle so that you truly enjoy that natural ability.

Recent research has shown that we do not all need eight hours of sleep every night; some people only need five or six hours. However much you sleep, what matters is that you are truly rested and refreshed. As you use this book, together we will improve the quantity and the quality of your sleep. Whether your sleep gets longer or deeper or both, it will become more refreshing and satisfying so overall a third of your life is about to get better!

I know the frustration of not getting a good night's sleep and I know that I can help you. There are different ways that people experience sleeping problems or insomnia—some find it difficult to get to sleep, other people wake up frequently during the night, others wake too early in the morning. Some people have a mixture of all those difficulties and some people never enjoy feeling truly rested, however much they sleep.

For you this is all going to change, right now. Whatever your problem was with sleeping, from now on, your sleep will start to improve. One of the best things about this system is that you don't have to "believe" in it, you don't have to have willpower. You simply have to follow my instructions.


The system you are about to use has taken over twenty years to develop. Everything that is in this book and on the CD is exactly what I would do with you if we were sitting together doing a personal session. In fact, during the reading of this book you may find yourself feeling sleepy.

There are two reasons for this. First, simply by reading about how your sleep can get better and deeper we are focusing your mind on sleep and activating all your unconscious associations to successfully falling asleep. Many people find that reading this book makes them feel a bit sleepy or that their attitudes toward sleep begin to transform, because it has been written in a special hypnotic language. The formula of the writing makes the brain begin to process ideas to reconnect to your basic ability to sleep. As you make sense of what I am saying your mind creates a specific sequence of ideas which puts positive suggestions into your unconscious mind.

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