EXCERPT: 'I Can Make You Sleep'

Your Unconscious Mind Your unconscious mind is the larger mind, it is the part of you that ultimately controls every aspect of your behavior. It keeps your heart beating, your brain thinking, and your body healthy and energized. It stores and runs all the "programs" of automatic behavior that you use to live your life.

The unconscious mind is like having an "autopilot" function in the brain that allows us to do multiple things simultaneously without having to concentrate on all of them at once. For example, when you were a child you had to concentrate consciously in order to learn to tie your shoelaces properly, using your conscious mind. But now that your unconscious mind has learned the sequence of moves it can direct your hands and you do not need to pay attention to the process consciously anymore.

These programs ("habits") are useful because they free our conscious minds to think about other things. Learning to drive a car involves learning lots of little processes like scanning the road, signaling, accelerating, braking, turning, and so forth. As you practice each one, and turn the sequence of perceptions and moves into automatic programs, your unconscious mind takes over the specific actions involved in driving and you monitor the process without having to think about how you accelerate, turn, or signal and so on. You can just get in the car and decide where you want to go. If something unusual or dangerous happens you can react instantly because you don't have to think about how to brake or steer or accelerate. You can do it without thinking.

It is great learning to drive, but some of the habits we have learned are less useful. Because the unconscious mind simply learns things that are repeated, whether or not we really want to learn them, it is possible to learn and install a bad habit completely by accident. In fact, insomnia is just that: a habit. No one gets it deliberately. It doesn't mean you are crazy, bad, or broken. People only learn the habit of insomnia by accident. Unfortunately many people do not realize it is a habit that can be changed, and they don't know that actually it is quite straightforward, and that's what we are going to discover as you use this system over the next few weeks.


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