'GMA' Gift Guide: Best Books for Holiday Gifts


Christmas is just four days away, but there's still time to get thoughtful gifts for everyone on your list.

Books always make great, last-minute presents. Janice Kaplan, novelist and contributor to The Daily Beast, appeared on "Good Morning America" with her gift picks for all types of readers. Any of these page-turners will make a great Christmas gift!

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GMA Best Holiday Books for Gifts

"I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections," by Nora Ephron

All you have to do is read the title and laugh. Nora Ephron, famous for writing about love and romance in chick-flicks such as "When Harry Met Sally" and "Sleepless In Seattle," riffs on death, divorce and aging in her latest book. Ephron's style is wry, self-deprecating and comical, Kaplan said. Gift idea: Pair the book with one of Ephron's classic movies to make it that much more festive, Kaplan suggested.

GMA Best Holiday Books for Gifts

"Cleopatra: A Life," by Stacey Schiff

Pulitzer Prize winner Stacey Schiff brings Cleopatra and the world of Ancient Egypt to life in her latest biography. The last queen of Egypt was more than the sexy siren immortalized in history, according to Schiff. In Schiff's depiction, Cleopatra comes across as a smart politician and tactician who used every circumstance to her political advantage.

GMA Best Holiday Books for Gifts

"Frank: The Voice," by James Kaplan

You don't have to be a Sinatra fan to appreciate the story of the singer's unexpected rise from nothing to super stardom. Best-selling biographer James Kaplan, co-author with Jerry Lewis of "Dean and Me," traces Frank Sinatra's humble upbringing in Hoboken, N.J., through his first marriage, career aspirations, famous relationship with Ava Gardner and more. The book also sheds light on America during the 1940s, said Janice Kaplan, who's not related to the author.


Political Books

These hot political titles make good gifts -- even across party lines, Kaplan said.

GMA Best Holiday Books for Gifts

"Decision Points," by George Bush

In his memoir, former President George W. Bush reveals some of the most crucial moments in both his personal life and in his eight years in office. Bush acknowledges his missteps in response to Hurricane Katrina, and gives insight into his most controversial decisions, such as the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, stem cell research and Dick Cheney as his choice for vice president. He also opens up about his personal battle with alcoholism.

GMA Best Holiday Books for Gifts

White House Diary by Jimmy Carter

"White House Diary" takes readers inside Jimmy Carter's presidency like never before. The 39th president kept a private diary during his time in office, making several entries each day on his thoughts, frustrations and impressions. Carter has now released an edited version of the diary to the public, along with his reflections on his tenure.



GMA Best Holiday Books for Gifts

"Dead or Alive," by Tom Clancy

In his latest, international thriller author Tom Clancy resurrects the fictional covert operative Jack Ryan Jr., who's part of the Campus -- a secret organization tasked to identify, hunt down, locate and eliminate terrorists. The group is on the trail of one of the world's most dangerous terrorists, Emir, who's believed to be on the Afghan/Pakistan border. For his 14th novel, Clancy has teamed up with U.S. Navy vet Grant Blackwood.

GMA Best Holiday Books for Gifts

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