Inside Prince William and Kate Middleton's Relationship


Some royal observers have been quick to compare Kate to the young Diana Spencer, but the truth is they could not be more different. While Kate is just as glamorous and intriguing as the late princess, she is headstrong and confident. Lest we forget, this is the young woman who when told she was lucky to be dating William retorted, 'He's lucky to be going out with me.' As they prepare for their future as man and wife William and Catherine are, many believe, the future of the House of Windsor. Harry, who has always proved to be much more than just 'the spare', defined his role when he was in Africa with his brother on their first overseas tour. On a cold mountainside in Lesotho where he works tirelessly for his charity Sentebale he declared, for the first time, that his job is to support his older brother.

Male primogeniture dictates that we will have King Charles and possibly Queen Camilla before we have King William V and Queen Catherine. But many believe, myself included, that it will be William, with Catherine at his side, who will be the standard bearer for a new twenty-first century royal family.

Excerpted from The Making of a Royal Romance: William, Kate, and Harry--A Look Behind the Palace Walls, by Katie Nicholl. Available from Weinstein Books, a member of The Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2011. Check out other books from the "GMA" Library.

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