'The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations,' by Jane Buckingham

Photo: Book Cover: The Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations

Jane Buckingham, author of "The Modern Girl's Guide to Life," presents several solutions for women who find themselves in difficult situations.

Buckingham's "The Modern Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations," gives welcome advice with warmth and humor.

What should you do if your date shows up drunk? When should you share a big secret with someone new?

The book answers these questions, and covers a wide range of other issues that may crop up, including problems relating to dating and romance, family relationships and beauty.

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Helping Women Navigate 'Sticky Situations'

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Sticky Situations in Love

This is one area in which I have far more expertise than I would like. There was the time my "true love" was only using me as a distraction while his girlfriend was in Europe for the summer, the time my best friend's boyfriend declared his secret love for me, the time I found out the guy who'd said he was going out to put money in the meter had really ditched me -- and stuck me with the check (I used to tell myself he'd been hit by a Mack truck, but I realize now I was delusional). Best of all, one guy told me he was gay so he wouldn't have to date me any more -- but he subsequently went on to date several of my best female friends.

The good news is, after kissing my share of not only frogs but also slugs, weasels, vermin, and downright asses, I did find my prince -- in the most unlikely of places! (A blind date in Orlando.) So whatever your status -- searching, settled, or satisfied -- don't worry, there's a sticky here for you.


You're having a fantastic time when all of a sudden your date says something so offensive you're pretty sure you misheard him. But then again, you're pretty sure you didn't.

First, make sure you're understanding him correctly. If you don't know how to phrase this question, say, "I just want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly. Did you really say all orange foods should be banned?" (Insert whatever's relevant.) If you're lucky, he'll deny or qualify. If he persists in the opinion that turns your stomach, call him on it -- but be demure. Tell him you disagree, but try to keep emotion out of it -- at first.

The more well-thought-out and less knee-jerk an argument, the more sense it usually makes to a man. (Sorry to generalize; it's biological.) However, if he does hold beliefs that are offensive to you, calmly make it clear that you disagree with him, then start wrapping up the date. It's not your job to change his narrow little mind.

You inadvertently insult your date -- or perhaps worse, he has the gall to insult you!

Nervousness has been the cause of a thousand gaffes. As soon as you realize your mistake, apologize, blame your wacky sense of humor, and ask to start over. A little bit of backtracking will usually earn you forgiveness. If your date insults you but it's clear he didn't mean to, either let the moment pass without acknowledging it or make a joke, like "But you like my pink hair, right?" If he really did insult you big time, end the date quickly. You deserve better!

Your date shows up drunk.

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