EXCERPT: 'It's All Too Much, So Get It Together'

Its All Too Much, So Get It Together

Peter Walsh shows teenagers how to clean up all the junk they've accumlated. His book, "It's All Too Much, So Get It Together," is filled with summaries, quizzes and stories from teens.

Read the excerpt below, and then head to the "GMA" Library to find more good reads.


A list of ways You might have Ended up with this book

11. Your boyfriend got it for you as a "joke." Well, at least you thought it was a joke. . . .

10. Your girlfriend gave you that new graphic novel you really wanted, and you found this book tucked inside the same box. And when you pulled it out and were all, "Oh, what's this?" she opened her eyes very wide and said very loudly, "OH! WELL, HOW ON EARTH DID THAT GET IN THERE?"

VIDEO: Expert Peter Walsh offers insights on how to get teens to clean.

9. You found it shoved into the glove compartment of your car on top of three broken ice scrapers and a crumpled-up McFlurry cup, with an anonymous note: Thought you could maybe use this.

8. Your best friend tossed it at you and said, "Dude, enough already!" You borrowed his favorite jacket eight months ago, and for the past eight months whenever he asks for it back, you just motion to that crazy pile-o'-clutter that was once your bedroom and say, "Well, I know it must be in here somewhere."

7. Your dad came into your room wearing a raincoat and his old football helmet and said, "It's not safe to come in here without protection!" Then he put the book on your desk on top of those forty-five moldy music magazines from the eighties that you found at a garage sale. And ran away.

6. You woke up one morning and the book was under your pillow. There was glitter sprinkled around your bed, and your window was just ever-so-slightly open.

5. Your uncle got it for you as a "very early birthday present" (and your birthday is ten months away).

4. Your mom sent Woofie, the family dog, into your room carrying it in his mouth. She claimed Woofie bought it for you himself. But that just seems unlikely.

3. Whenever your older sister comes in your room, she pretends to be all upset and screams, "OH, NO! SOMEONE BROKE INTO YOUR ROOM AND RANSACKED IT!" and then says, "Oh wait, it's just like that." She gave you this book because she can no longer handle the stress of having to look at your mess.

2. You opened your closet and it just fell out on your head, along with that Best Nap Taker trophy you won in kindergarten and a half-deflated basketball. You have no idea where it came from. But then again, you don't know how half of that stuff got in there!

Then again, maybe just maybe . . . 1. You're feeling totally overwhelmed by something in your life. Or many things in your life. Maybe you were wandering around the bookstore, and when you saw the bright yellow cover and the white text popping out at you screaming, IT'S ALL TOO MUCH! you wanted to high-five the book. Because you can so, so relate. (And trust me, if you feel that way, you're not alone.)Regardless of whether you got this book for yourself or whether you got it as a gift, chances are the fact that this book ended up in your hands means you probably have at least a little (and maybe even a very big) clutter problem. And maybe you are a little (or a lot) (or completely!) overwhelmed. And just maybe you could use some help getting organized.

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