Read Excerpt: 'The Other 8 Hours' by Robert Pagliarini

The nine- to- five working hours are a great time to meet people and develop friendships. I met most of my nonchildhood friends while working. It's no surprise. We come into contact with more people for longer periods during working hours than we do at any other time of the day. But to convert your work relationships into real friendships, you have to spend some of your other 8 hours hanging out with and getting to know those people on a different level. It's one thing to chat around the water cooler about the latest American Idol contestant to be voted off or to relive Sunday's big game in the lunchroom, but it's an entirely different thing to share a drink or dinner with someone and really get to know him. Your close friends -- regardless of where you met them -- became your friends during the other 8 hours.

Physical Health

The notch you use in your belt, how out of breath you feel after climbing a flight of stairs, and how comfortable you are in a bathing suit are almost entirely dependent on how you have used the other 8 hours. What you choose to eat for breakfast, dinner, dessert, and snacks is usually determined during the other 8 hours. If you've chosen wisely, it shows. Do you exercise? If so, when? While you sleep? No. While you work? No. During the other 8 hours? Yup.

Personal Growth

This category includes your hobbies, educational pursuits, travel, reading, art, and other activities that you find enriching and are passionate about. One of my hobbies is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts. I'm not very good, but I enjoy it and I'm better than when I started. I Also enjoy learning Spanish (even though those verbs confuse me). Another of my favorite pastimes? Reading. My clients wouldn't appreciate it, and I wouldn't be very successful if I spent my hours between Nine and five practicing Jiu Jitsu, learning Spanish, and reading books. No, I can only do these things that I love and am passionate about -- these things that help define me as a person -- during the other 8 hours.


Your spirituality and faith should follow you wherever you go -- during work and during the other 8 hours. But, unless your nine- to- five job is in ministry, chances are your spiritual growth and deepest connection to God occur during church/temple, small group meetings, Bible study, chanting, volunteering, meditation, or whatever.

Financial Health Surely your financial health is the direct result of the hours between Nine and five. It is during this time that you work and earn a paycheck. Your paycheck determines your financial health, right? Not so fast. Obviously your working hours play a significant role in your finances, but you might be surprised at the role the other 8 hours play in the size of your bank account.

Your financial health is determined by just two things . . . Your income and your expenses. That's it. No more, no less. Your income is based on what you do for a living and how well you do it. The best snow-cone maker in the world may make a fine snow cone, but her choice of occupation limits her financial success. Likewise, a brain surgeon who botches every surgery isn't going to be financially successful either.

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