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Shopping for the right hair care products isn't easy, and it gets particularly difficult for those with oily hair when just about every hair care line is primarily designed to add moisture or deep condition. Hair that gets greasy quickly is much more difficult to combat. The key is to wash hair daily, and the Kiehl's Protein Concentrate Shampoo for Oily Hair is a great product because the formulation has additional cleansing strength for oil-prone scalps.

LOW Dove Beautifully Clean ($3.69)

Mass retailers

You'll say good-bye to bad hair days with Dove Beautifully Clean. Dove thoroughly cleans hair without stripping, and can be used daily. Alternate with Dove Beautifully Clean 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner with weightless moisturizing.

THE AUTHORS' PICK is the Phytopanama, though we loved the Dove Beautifully Clean almost as much. The Phytopanama just edges out the Dove when you compare cost with results.

HAIRCUT TIMING TIPS FROM DOVE CELEBRITY STYLIST EVA SCRIVO: "Long hair should be trimmed about every two months to maintain health and shape. Shorter hair requires slightly more upkeep to maintain the style, so visit the salon every six weeks. For highlights, see your stylist every six to eight weeks. When possible, schedule haircut and highlighting appointments on the same day so the stylist can place your highlights in a pattern that is most flattering to your cut."

Fine/Thin Hair Shampoos

Does your scalp show more skin than a Penthouse Pet? Are you starting to envy the curly locks of Patrick Stewart? While thin may be in everywhere else on your body, it's not up top. There are products you can use to help fill in the blanks.

MEDIUM Nioxin Bionutrient Protective Cleanser ($12.99)

Fine salons or www.nioxin.com

This is the hands-down favorite shampoo of anyone with fine/thin hair. While Nioxin has certainly been around awhile, it has remained a well-kept secret...until now. It is important to note that the Bionutrient Protective line is for chemically treated hair and the Bionutrient Active line is for nonchemically treated hair. In fact, Nioxin has so many product lines that it can be more than a little confusing, which is why we're here to help you through the conundrum!

MEDIUM bc bonacure Volume Shampoo from Schwarzkopf Professional ($12.50)

Fine salons or (800) 707-9997

Bad hair can cause the type of day-to-day stress that brings sleepless nights, days of torment covering your head with hats, or even a rush trip to the nearest salon for a quickie cut that becomes a shortcut to disaster. We love this conditioner because it actually targets the dry areas of your hair to make it stronger and repairs damage only where needed.

LOW L'Oreal VIVE Non-Stop Volume Root-Lifting Shampoo ($3.59)

Mass retailers

Although poor nutrition, genetics, or hormonal changes may have gotten you to this place of thinning hair, don't worry. A body-building and root-lifting shampoo like this one will invigorate the scalp to speed up blood flow and supply more nutrients to your roots. If your hair is fine, blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction you intend to style it. Once you flip it to the styling direction this encourages root lifting and adds body to your hair.

THE AUTHORS' PICK is the Nioxin for Paula since she has thinner hair and is most impressed by Nioxin's results. Although Maureen's hair is anything but thin, she prefers the bc bonacure in any category because it yields spectacular results across the board.

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