Excerpt: Lou Dobbs' 'Independents Day'

For too long the American people have deluded themselves that failures of leadership will in the fullness of time resolve themselves in our great republic, because our history has given us the assurance that partisanship is an acceptable substitute for citizenship. We've accepted our own apathy and tolerated what has become a frontal assault by the establishment elites on our national sovereignty, the welfare of our people, and our future as a nation. But there are now promising signs that the American people will soon be ready to reclaim this nation.

As I write these words, the U.S. Senate has just rejected a cloture vote on so- called comprehensive immigration reform legislation by a vote of 53 to 46. The defeat of President Bush and the Demo cratic Senate leadership all but ends the eff orts in this session of Congress to grant amnesty to twelve million to twenty million illegal aliens and to keep our borders wide open.

For four years I have fought almost daily the advocates of open borders and amnesty, and despite this Senate victory, I know that the fight will go on. That fight will likely intensify, because the political, social, and economic interests driving open borders and amnesty are powerful, the stakes could hardly be larger, and American citizens are only slowly awakening to the threat to our nation that emanates from both the left and the right, the establishment and the radical. But the American spirit is no longer slumbering. On my broadcast we have reported the facts that should form the parameters and foundation of what has at long last become a national dialogue, even if now only incipient, on our illegal immigration and border-security crisis. I have put representatives of all sides of the debate and discussion on the broadcast in an effort to examine the facts, to put the facts as we know them in perspective from the points of view of the advocates, to debate the merits and failings of those views, and to expose the varied agendas and interests of the elites who have tried to ram their positions through Congress and down the throats of American citizens who were just a few years ago unaware of the nature and extent of the threat to the American way of life.

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