Book Excerpt: 'The Woman Who Can't Forget'

My greatest hope is that eventually scientists will discover something about my brain that will help solve the riddles of the tragic disorders of memory loss. The scientists have already determined from the scans of my brain that there are pronounced structural differences that probably account for why my memory is so complete and so relentless. I've learned from them how many mysteries about memory they're still grappling with, and it does seem that what they've learned about my brain and memory will lead to fruitful research. For now, I hope that my story is illuminating and thought provoking for readers; and helps explain the role of memory in all of our lives—as well as that of forgetting—and how our memories to such a significant degree make us who we are.

From THE WOMAN WHO CAN'T FORGET by Jill Price with Bart Davis. Copyright © 2008 by Jill Price. Reprinted by permission of Free Press, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

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