Excerpt: 'Influence'

The book you are holding in your hands is comprised of conversations my sister and I have had with artists, designers, photographers, writers, and personalities who come from different backgrounds, industries, age groups, and points of view. Risk takers in their own special way, they share a common belief that the world should never be a boring place. To put it bluntly, they have guts. I don't want the dialogue to stop at the end of each interview. It's my hope each one will remain a constantly evolving conversation that will continue to influence every project that I do—and perhaps by reading, you will be similarly affected by these interviews too. I believe part of the process of figuring yourself out is a way of connecting the dots between the fabulous and influential people around us all, like some sort of hidden constellation—you only have to know where to look. This book is just the start.
—Ashley Olsen

Lauren Hutton

They just don't make 'em like Lauren Hutton anymore. Lauren has opened our eyes to the world in an entirely new way. We had been obsessed with her style for years, but we never had the chance to formally meet her in person. After Ashley rattled on about how amazing she thought Lauren was to a mutual business acquaintance, we were finally given the opportunity for an introduction, which we quickly took advantage of. Needless to say, Lauren was everything we thought she would be. In every aspect of her life, Lauren is a pioneer. She refused to correct the gap between her teeth when she entered the modeling scene in 1964, and this "imperfection" became one of her most recognizable and beloved traits. She was one of the first models to negotiate a major cosmetics contract. She founded her own brand of cosmetics, "Good Stuff." She posed nude for Big magazine at the age of 61. Whether she's crisscrossing the globe to hike, camp, or simply explore, there's just no stopping her. Lauren is one of the wisest, most compassionate, and most free-spirited people we know. She juices the joy out of everything she touches. She even calls herself our "God-Granny." So when we were selecting the model for The Row's Spring 2008 look book, we knew there was no one else to ask but Lauren Hutton.

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