Excerpt: 'Love Matters'

During the Vietnam War, Uncle Sam called me to duty, and I was sent to a dangerous area, heavily infiltrated by the Vietcong. One eventful night, we were told to dig in. It seems that a couple battalions of VC were just over the hill. Well, there were only about 150 of us, including the clerks and cooks and the captain's hooch-maid. The VC could come right through us without so much as a second thought.

The night was long, but the next morning all was calm. It seems that Charlie just went around us! A short time later, I got a letter from my sister, one sentence of which I remember vividly to this day -- "Dad prayed for you!"

Now I knew that my dad loved me and wanted me safe from all harm, but I never heard him pray in my whole life. I'm convinced he sensed my danger and said the prayer when he instinctively felt it was needed.

That was almost 40 years ago, but it seems like only 40 minutes. My dad has long gone to his eternal reward, no doubt thanking his Father in Heaven for answering his prayer. I pray for my son daily, as I'm sure most fathers do. Let's keep praying for our children. God is a great protector, and now you know why I said this is really a story about two loving fathers -- mine and the Father of us all. God Bless,
Sidebar: Let's keep praying for our children.

3. Rick "Blue Eyes"
Hey, Delilah,
I've got a story about our family and the way God has loved and blessed us.

I have been married to my wife, Dawn, since May 29, 1993, and it's been a great journey so far. She always dreamed of having a little girl to dress up in pink and pass down her massive Barbie collection to, and began to dream of this daughter as soon as the first stick turned pink.

In April of 1995 we were blessed with a little boy whom we called Ben. Despite her Barbie dreams, my wife was as thrilled as I was with our healthy little boy -- it was just the first baby, after all.

Well, Delilah, 2.5 years later we were pregnant again, and we were sure this time God was going to give us a little girl -- one of each, right? Wrong! On February 14, 1998, we got our second son, Luke, who came at 33 weeks and spent three weeks in neonatal care.

Okay, now it's again 2.5 years later -- September 2000 -- and after much fear we made it through the full nine months -- and, yes, another son, Owen, was born. Of course we feel so happy having three healthy, blond-haired, blue-eyed boys, but there was just a brief "Not again" moment. Now we have two male dogs and a house full of males. Dawn has been a good sport about this and loves us to bits, as we do her. I used to make jokes, telling her I just never found the instructions on how to make a girl.

We believe there is a reason for everything, and Dawn and I decided to stop at three boys. We felt blessed to have such really good kids. Every time we passed all those adorable little girl clothes in the stores she would smile wistfully, but she never complained. She has two older brothers and no sisters, so she felt perhaps it was her destiny to care for boys and never have a daughter.

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