Excerpt: 'Love Matters'

Well, five years passed, and one day my wife said, "You're 40 and I'm 34, and it looks like if I'm ever going to get a girl, the stork will have to drop one on my doorstep." A week later she got on an elevator at the clinic where she works and ran in to a lady she used to supervise in her previous position. When Dawn asked her former employee how she was doing, the lady said, "Not so good." She had found out over the weekend that her nineteen-year-old daughter was pregnant and unable to care for a baby. My wife responded sympathetically and then went on her way. But the next day this lady called Dawn at work and told her that the daughter was having a girl and was going to give the baby up for adoption. She knew we had only sons -- and maybe that Dawn had hoped for a little girl -- and wanted to know if we would be interested in adopting this baby. Dawn told her she'd have to talk to me before committing herself, and was smiling nervously when I picked her up that day. Well, I put her fears to rest by saying of course we would be interested. That was in October 2006.

We met the birth mother at a restaurant and sensed that something was bothering her. We tried to make her comfortable, and she told us the father of the baby was African-American and asked if that made a difference to us. My wife and I in perfect unison said, "So what?" My wife has brown eyes, whereas the boys and I all have blue eyes, and when we got in the car after our visit my wife said, "Well, I know I will finally get my brown-eyed girl!"

We then began a close relationship with the birth mother and her mom. We had agreed to an open adoption, so they came to visit our home on several occasions. On March 17th we were called to the hospital, and Mallorie was born to us as our St. Patty's little girl. We brought her home on the 19th ,and we are approaching her first birthday now. The thing that gets me laughing is that our beautiful little daughter has blue eyes after all! So Dawn got only half her wish -- but hey, she's not complaining.

This little girl has truly blessed our family and is loved by all who meet her. Her brothers have adjusted just fine, and she is attached to them as well. In the evening, I often work out in my garage, and I always listen to your stories on the radio there, so I thought maybe you would read our story. If this experience has taught me anything, it's that we cannot control the plans God has made for us. Timing is all His, and He's full of surprises. Please pick something to play that will tell my wife and kids I love them more than anything in this world, and no matter what, I will be here as long as the good Lord allows to make sure they know they are loved.

Thanks for listening.

Sidebar: Every time we passed those adorable little girl clothes in the stores, Dawn smiled wistfully.

4. Tracie

Hi, Delilah,
You know how you always say, "Who's on your heart tonight"? Well, someone special is on my heart tonight, and I want to share the story with you.

I was born August 22, 1975, and on February 11, 1979, my mother was pronounced dead, due to medical malpractice. My baby sister was only nine days old. Of course, my whole family was devastated, especially my father. Faced with the terrifying prospect of raising four young children -- ages nine, three, two and a week and a half -- alone, my father had made the decision to split us up. We were each going to be raised by one of his siblings.

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