Excerpt: 'Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide'

I went online and learned about the gluten-free, casein-free diet. I listened to my instincts and started Evan on it, along with some vitamins. Within two weeks of implementing the diet and vitamins, his eye contact was better and his language doubled! I was out of my mind with joy. It was working! But when I called Evan's doctor to tell him about the progress, he told me it was all a fluke -- that diet and vitamins don't really have an effect. I was shocked. I just told him that I was witnessing huge progress without having implemented any other therapies. He ignored my findings, but I didn't care (yet). I kept digging and found communities that were healing kids with autism. I found a doctor who specialized in healing kids through diet, detox, and supplements. His name was Dr. Jerry Kartzinel. I contacted him and begged him to take my son as a patient. He had no idea that I had any celebrity status. He was taking me on only as a mom of a child with autism.

Within a year of following Dr. Jerry's protocol and intensive behavioral and speech therapies, Evan recovered from autism. I learned that not all kids recover, but MOST of them improve dramatically from treatment. And I learned there are simple things we can all do to prevent this from happening in the first place.

Since I began this journey, I have spoken to nearly 100,000 moms face-to-face and have received letters and emails from around the world. We all have the same story of how our children regressed into autism. How could I possibly stand back from this day forward and be a witness to what's happening to our kids in our lifetime? I can't. I walk through grocery stores and airports where mothers approach me with tears in their eyes as they talk to me about their autistic children. The day Evan had that seizure and went into cardiac arrest I knew that I had a mission in this lifetime and I wasn't going to stop until the calming energy was right. "Everything is going to be okay." That's my mission now. To make sure ALL of our children are going to be okay.


By Jerry Kartzinel, M.D.
MY WIFE AND I had three very healthy boys but felt that one more would complete our family. We decided to adopt a special child who may have had a difficult time being adopted due to the fact that his biological mother was a drug abuser. I knew there were going to be medical problems just because of her methamphetamine (along with other substances) usage. But I'm a pediatrician. Who would be better suited to take care of a child with this kind of background?

We wanted to be in some small way helpful to this world. It reminds me of the story where there were thousands and thousands of starfish that had just washed up on shore and this little boy was on the beach throwing each starfish that he could back into the water. A man came up to him and said, "Son, it's not going to impact this whole huge beach. This is not going to have any effect on this big group of starfish." And the little boy looked at him and said, "You might be right, but it affects this starfish." And he threw it back into the ocean. I know I can't take care of all of the world's children, but I can take care of at least this one. Joshua is our starfish.

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