Excerpt: Bethenny Frankel's 'Naturally Thin'

Author Bethenny Frankel shares some tips to living a healthy life the natural way in her book ?Naturally Thin.?

Bethenny Frankel may have made her name on the hit television show "The Real Housewives of New York City," but she has stayed in the limelight for her gifts as a natural food chef.

In her book "Naturally Thin," Frankel shares her rules that allow readers to get thin the natural way, without completely changing their favorite foods, and simply realizing that you are, in fact, "naturally thin."

Read an excerpt of her book below and then visit the "GMA" library for some more good reads.

Introduction: Who I Am and What This Book Is All About

"I look fat. I hate my body." "My thighs are huge." "Why did I just eat that? I can't believe I just ate that." "I can't lose weight. I have a slow metabolism." "I can't eat that. I really want to eat that, but I shouldn't." "I hate myself." "I pigged out." "I'm definitely going on a diet tomorrow." "I can't stay on a diet. I'm hopeless." "I have no willpower. I'm pathetic." "What is wrong with me?" "She can eat anything she wants. I hate her." "I was so good today. I skipped dinner. I can't wait to weigh myself tomorrow and see how much weight I lost." "Tomorrow I'm not eating anything." "I'm never eating again." "I'm not going to that party. I'll just eat too much." "Why did I eat so much? I want a doâ€'over. I feel so guilty." "I can just feel myself getting fatter right now. I'm disgusting." "I would be happy if I could just get skinny."

VIDEO: Excerpt: Bethenny Frankels Naturally Thin

Sound familiar?

These are not the words or thoughts of a naturally thin person, but they might be the words or thoughts you say to yourself. I used to talk to myself like this, but I don't do it anymore. Do you wish you could stop, too?

You can stop. You can stop it all: the negative talk, the hatred of yourself and your body, the fear of food, the obsession with food, and, most important, the dieting. Best of all, when you stop doing all these things to yourself, you will become naturally thin.

If you are so used to thinking about yourself and about food in this negative way, if you feel shackled to diets and you think that this will never change, take heart. Life doesn't have to be this way. You are about to break the vicious circle and escape from a lifetime of self-destructive dieting. You can break free from the oppression of food obsession. And you can become naturally thin, without ever dieting again. I did it, and you can do it, too.

You Are Naturally Thin

Here's the simple truth: millions of Americans have become enslaved by dieting. We torture ourselves constantly, just because we ate a cookie (or five cookies), or didn't go to the gym, or ordered french fries, or had a second helping, or ate carbs or sugar or meat, or can't fit into our skinny jeans, or aren't as skinny as the next person. We insult ourselves and hate ourselves because we don't look the way we think we are supposed to look. We don't feel good or happy or satisfied with our lives, and we blame it all on a number on the scale. We spend thousands of dollars on diet programs, food delivery services, diet Web sites, diet magazines, and diet books. And yet we keep getting fatter. We despair, we wonder what is wrong with us, but we keep on dieting, we keep on trying, and we keep on failing.

If you wish desperately that you were one of those naturally thin people, but you don't really believe, deep down, that you are, guess what.

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