Top Book Picks for Great Summer Reading from 'Good Morning America'

Good Morning "America's Healthy Summer" is about shaping up your body and exercising your mind. What better way to do that with the summer's biggest books? Janice Kaplan, novelist and contributor to The Daily Beast gave "GMA" an insider's look at the hottest reads this season.

From thrillers to biographies to light reading, these stories are un-put-downable.

If you're in search of that perfect page-turner for your summer vacation, look no further!

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Summer Books

"Beautiful Maria of My Soul," by Oscar Hijuelos

This year marks the 20th anniversary of "The Mambo Kings Sing Songs of Love," and to celebrate, author Oscar Hijuelos has written a novel from the viewpoint of the Mambo Kings' muse. "It's so beautifully written that you'll read some paragraphs over and over because they are so lovely," Kaplan says.

Summer Books

"One Day," by David Nicholls

Kaplan says that "One Day" is "When Harry Met Sally" with an English accent. A couple meets on a single day -- July 15th -- for 20 years. You'll feel like you're reliving relationships in your own life as you read about these lovers. It's just a great, fun way to while away a few hours on the beach.

Summer Books

"The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake," by Aimee Bender

In "The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake," by Aimee Bender, a little girl named Rose has a normal life, except that when she eats, she can taste the emotions of the person who prepared the food. The book becomes a look at the differences we all have and how we have to deal with them, with a surrealist twist.

Good Morning America's Summer Reading List


Summer Books

"Bonobo Handshake," by Vanessa Woods

This is the story of a young woman, Vanessa Woods, who fell in love with a guy, a country and a species. She's an Australian who went with her American boyfriend to the Congo to protect the bonobos. Kaplan calls the book an intimate, lively memoir about what a young woman learns from people trying to recover from a terrible civil war, and animals that are almost identical in DNA to humans.

Summer Books

"The Last Hero: A Life of Henry Aaron," by Howard Bryant

This book by ESPN The Magazine's Howard Bryant is perfect for the sports fan and the history buff. It's about Hank Aaron, now number two on the list of home run kings, but number one in the hearts of diehard baseball fans. This book tells the story of a man who grew up in the segregated south, broke Babe Ruth's record while receiving death threats, and has now become one of the sport's most respected elder statesmen. Aaron is a complicated man, distrustful of the spotlight, who is now an American icon.

Summer Books

"Oil: Money, Politics and Power in the 21st Century," by Tom Bower

And for the news junkie, Tom Bower's "Oil: Money, Politics and Power in the 21st Century" is juicy reading. It tells the story of the oil business, filled with boardroom soap operas, international power struggles and the extreme lengths we go to for oil. Add wild amounts of money to the mix and you've got a potboiler that tells the story behind today's headlines.

Good Morning America's Summer Reading List


Summer Books

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