Creative Tree-Trimming Tips

There's no wrong way to decorate your Christmas tree, but like a lot of things in life, there are so many choices.

To help you get your creative juices flowing, Chassie Post of Domino Magazine joined "Good Morning America" with easy, affordable and creative tips for trimming your tree this holiday season.

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Winter White Tree
Everything on the tree is within one or two similar colors (you can pick any colors.)

This allows you to mix in all different shapes and themes that don't typically go together, but because they're the same color, you can get away with anything.
Sticking to a monochromatic color scheme makes it easy to update the tree and it will always look great if you stick to the same color palate.
Add more depth by mixing in large clear glass bulb lights with smaller ones.

Where To Get It:

Green Artificial Tree that did not come pre-lit (, starting at $179)
Glittered Moose Ornaments (, (818) 887-4587, $6.50 - $25)
Glass Ship Ornaments (, $9)
Crystal Teardrop Ornaments (, $4)
100mm Pearlized Clear Ball Ornaments (B&J Florist Supply (212)564-6086, $38.50)
25 ct. G25 Bulb Clear Christmas Light Set (, $6.99 each)

Twisted Traditional Tartan & Birds Tree
This tree is more traditional but with a twist. Start with a "pre-lit" tree that can save you lots of time and money. How many times have you strung the tree to find one light is out and have to start over?
Update red and green Christmas colors by using a very "of-the-moment" pattern in fabric and bows called tartan, a traditional Scottish plaid fabric.
Go to local ribbon or fabric store and buy your favorite pattern, and tie the ribbons on to the branches of the tree. Plus you can change the fabric/ribbon every year, or whenever you please, because it's so simple and cheap.
Instead of ornaments, add faux feathered birds and nestle them in the branches. You can get them at local craft stores or even Macy's for a few dollars.
And for a little sparkle add some gold ball ornaments and some small gold jingle bells as ornaments

Where To Get It:

Pre-Lit Green Artificial Tree (, starting at $139)
Red Tartan (plaid) Fabric (, approximately $15 per yard)
Faux Red Feathered Birds (Macy's, approximately $4 each)
Gold ball ornaments (IKEA, $4.99)
Small gold jingle bells as ornaments (, $5.95)

Mod Color Tree
The best of 1970s decor mixed with 2007 glam for a superfun nontraditional "disco" modern tree. It's great opportunity to express your personality.
Start with a really beautiful pre-lit faux white tree. Add some graphic glitter and technicolored zigzag and striped ball ornaments.
Use quirky ceramic animal figurines lions, elephants, giraffes and turtles in lieu of the traditional dove for a Noah's Ark effect.
Gold angel wings calls to mind a disco medallion you might wear around your neck and a big fuzzy gold chain link garland.
Try a new take on the tree skirt — an acid-green small area rug made of carpet tiles with scalloped edges acts as sort of a place mat for your tree as the tree sits on top of the rug.

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