Broderick vs. Parker at Theaters

I can't remember this ever happening: Two stars, happily married to each other, with two movies opening on the same day. It's 'Family Feud.'

Matthew Broderick reprises his Tony-nominated role in the movie version of Mel Brooks' hysterical Broadway musical, "The Producers," in which he and Nathan Lane produce the worst show ever, featuring a singing, dancing Hitler.

This is the Broadway musical on film, and it's funny. There's help from Will Ferrell and, with a little makeup remover, you'll recognize, yes, George the Pharmacist (Roger Bart) from "Desperate Housewives."

On the plus side, Broderick gets to sing and dance with Uma Thurman. On the minus side, Lane gets all the jokes.

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker is the uptight, type-A personality, doomed to spend the holidays with her fiancé's hippy-dippy family. Think "Meet the Fockers" meets "Terms of Endearment." Seems impossible, but this superb cast, featuring Luke Wilson and Rachel McAdams, pulls it off. And I'd nominate Diane Keaton for best supporting actress in a New York minute.

Of the three romantic comedies opening this Christmas season ("Fun With Dick and Jane" and "Rumor Has It" are the other two) "Family Stone" is the star on top of the Christmas tree.

As for the final score in this family feud, Parker leads Broderick 1-0 in the competition for acting nominations already won for their new films. Earlier this week, she picked up a Golden Globes nod.

In the competition for total movie acting awards, it's Parker with two Emmys, three Golden Globes and three SAG awards. Broderick has none, although his stage performances have earned him a pair of Tonys.

One more statistic: "The Family Stone" opens in 2,250 theaters and "The Producers" opens in just six.

Besides that, at the end of their movies, Parker's character lives happily ever after and Broderick ends up in jail. But then, Broderick gets to go home with Parker, so that makes it a tie. (Grade for Both Films: B.)