Just One Thing: Green Your Holiday Cards

Up to 2 billion birthday cards are purchased every year, but most of these are not made from recycled paper. If just half of the greeting cards that were sent were 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper, it could save nearly 150,000 trees.

Other than trying to buy cards printed on recycled paper, there are several tips you can follow to stay eco-friendly and still send around holiday cheer.

Re-use your old cards by cutting off the front of the card into smaller pieces to use as gift tags.

You can also re-use an old card by cutting off the front of the card and pasting it to a blank, folded piece of recyclable cardstock.

Holiday CardsPlay

Cut off the back of the card and use the back of the front flap as a postcard, recipe card or note.

Check out Hallmark recyclable Unicef cards which are eco-friendly.

Send e-cards and use no paper at all. Oceanconservancy.org has a wide selection of holiday e-cards of wintery scenes.

For more information on paper-saving this holiday season, head to greenpapercompany.com and see eHow's tips at ehow.com.