Make Money in May: Selling Stock Photos

making money from your photos

Shutterbugs searching for ways to make some extra cash should consider selling their photographs as stock photos, the latest idea from "Good Morning America's" "Make Money in May" series.

Several Web sites will pay for pictures that can be used as stock photos. Every time someone downloads your photograph to use in an ad, article or brochure, you make money.

Most people sell stock photos just to make some extra spending money, but a few are able to make six figures.

This photo of an older couple has already earned the photographer $10,000.

Just keep in mind that if you offer pictures of people, you have to get signed release forms.

Another stock photo is a self-portrait of a New England mom. Every time someone downloads it, she earns extra money for her kids' college fund.

Several Web sites will pay to put your photos in ads, articles and brochures.

The key with stock photos is that they can't contain recognizable logos or brand names. If these are present when you're shooting, adjusting the scene slightly might fix the problem.

If you are interested in selling stock, keep in mind that now you can also sell art work, sound effects, and even video.

Here are some sites to get you started selling stock photos:




Photo Stock Plus




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