Van Der Sloot Insisted Natalee Holloway's Mom Sign Contract to Pay Him for Info

Van der Sloot also claimed that he had been with Holloway on the night she died and "that he had thrown her to the ground after she had attempted to stop him from leaving her," according to the affidavit.

Van der Sloot claimed that when she fell, she hit her head on a rock and died as a result of the impact.

It quickly became apparent that van der Sloot's story was a lie. The contractor who built the house said it was not under construction in 2005, and aerial photos of the area at that time confirm the house was not under construction at the time.

After the witness left Aruba, he received an email from van der Sloot on May 17 admitting he had lied about the location of the remains.

Earlier today, a private investigator who was involved in the extortion sting on van der Sloot called him a "homicidal maniac" and blamed the Aruban government for not nabbing him when it had the chance.

Investigator Bo Dietl said the mere fact that van der Sloot was videotaped detailing the demise of Natalee Holloway should have been enough for police in Aruba to detain him before he left the island.

"You have wire fraud, you have extortion, but on top of it you have him making incriminating statements," Dietl said. "They could have popped him on that."

Did Police Let Van Der Sloot Slip Away?

Police in Peru have said van der Sloot confessed to killing 21-year-old Stephany Flores Ramirez while in Lima. His trip to Peru was believed to be financed by money provided by the United States as part of the extortion sting.

But even though van der Sloot was videotaped counting the cash, neither Aruban or U.S. authorities charged him.

"I met him once," Dietl said of van der Sloot, "and I'm telling you this could be a psychopathic killer that could have killed other people."

The FBI has taken heat in the U.S. for not only letting him go but apparently financing the trip to Peru that ended with Flores' death. The FBI has denied moving too slowly.

"News accounts have also questioned why charges were not brought earlier, so that the tragic death of Stephany Flores could have been avoided," the agency said in a statement released Wednesday "The Birmingham investigation was not related in any way to the murder in Peru. Despite having been in motion for several weeks at the time of Miss Flores' death, it was not sufficiently developed to bring charges prior to the time van der Sloot left Aruba."

Dietl said that the entire sting operation was put together in hopes of once and for all bringing closure to a five-year-old investigation into Holloway's disappearance.

"This is a mother who wants to have closure with the death of her daughter," Dietl said. "This is what it's all about."

In Peru, van der Sloot is expected to be charged sometime this weekend.

Newly released surveillance video taken shortly after 2 a.m. on May 30, just hours before Flores was killed, shows van der Sloot walking up to a poker table alone. Less than an hour later, Flores walks over to the same table, shakes hands with van der Sloot and sits down next to him.

Police say they had met earlier that weekend. At 3 a.m., casino suveillance video shows the pair laughing and playing cards. A minute later she was seen gesturing to a friend and then leaving with van der Sloot.

Now in a Lima jail, police say he breaks down in tears when he recalls the night of Flores' murder.

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