Why Using Debit Cards Can Be Dangerous

The Rush Visa Card can be funded through one of five ways: tax refunds, payroll direct deposit, MoneyGram, money orders or ACH bank load. To sign up for this card, you need to provide your Social Security number and a valid address, and pay a $19.95 sign-up fee. You can then use the Rush Visa Card to make purchases and pay bills. When making purchases, you are assessed a $1 fee per transaction. When using your Rush Visa Card to send checks for your rent or other bills, you are assessed a fee of $1.95 per check. Aside from the sign-up fee and transaction fees, there are no other fees associated with this card.

8. So, should you go debit or credit when it comes to your purchases? In most cases, choose debit over credit. As long as you carefully monitor your purchases and closely check your bank statement for fees, a debit card should be your go-to for everyday purchases. Using a debit card can prevent you from spending money you do not have and will save you from the dreaded high annual percentage rates of credit cards.

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