The Best Household Products of the Year

Every year, Good Housekeeping gives the Good Buy Awards to what it considers the best new household products of the year, products that solve a consumer problem, perform well and are a good value.

After evaluating more than 2,000 products, the magazine revealed the nine winners of this year's awards on "Good Morning America."

1. Woolite Pod from Bissell: $4

Have a rug that looks a little shabby from stains? Good Housekeeping recommends the new Woolite Pod from Bissell. It's an all-in-one spot removal tool that fits in the palm of your hand and permanently removes stains. Squirt the Pod's cleaner onto any set-in splotch and use the brush to scrub. Once the carpet dries, fluff it with the Pod's built-in grooming comb. The Pod typically cleans six to eight stains.

In Good Housekeeping's tests, it was great at getting out wine, coffee, chocolate syrup, ketchup and ink. It's sold at grocery stores and at Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl's.

2. Simple Start Car Battery Charger from Black & Decker: $60

With Black & Decker's Simple Start, you can jump your car without ever getting out of it. Plug the charger into the car's cigarette lighter and in about 10 minutes, you'll be driving home. The Simple Start also has a helpful built-in flashlight, which can be handy if your car battery is dead and you can't turn on the overhead lights.

To be sure it's always ready to work, recharge the Simple Start once a month through your car's cigarette lighter or an electrical outlet. The Simple Start is sold at Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Sears, Target, Kmart, Kohl's Ace, True Value, hardware stores and at

3. DaysAgo Digital Day Counter from Double U Products: $12 for Two

The DaysAgo Digital Day Counter ends all debates about the half-eaten jars of sauce in your refrigerator. The device attaches to a container and keeps track of the number of days and hours it's been open, so you can confidently eat your food before it expires. The counter is a small, battery-operated digital timer. It is available with either a magnet on the back or a suction cup.

Good Housekeeping recommends them for preventing baby foods and leftovers from being kept beyond the time they can be safely consumed. The counters are sold at kitchen stores and through

4. QuatroCooling Convertible Refrigerator from Samsung: $2,600

Sometimes you need more freezer space; other times, you need more refrigerator room. Samsung's QuatroCooling Convertable Refrigerator solves the problem. In addition to its standard refrigerator/freezer compartments, it has two bottom drawers, and each can function as a refrigerator or a freezer on any given day. Push a button and the unit quickly changes modes.

The side-by-side refrigerator is 24.6 cubic feet and comes in stainless steel, stainless pPlatinum and black. It's sold at Lowe's stores.

5. TROMM SteamWasher from LG Electronics: $1,599

Imagine that the shirt you want to wear is crumpled and you don't have time to iron it. Throw it in LG's TROMM SteamWasher. This front-loading washing machine has a special steam-only cycle that conquers creases in 20 minutes. You can cut back on your dry cleaning by using the setting to freshen clothes, such as a blazer you've worn just twice.

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