Excerpt: 'Quantum Wellness'

New York Times best-selling author Kathy Freston has produced a popular series of guided meditation CDs on relationships, healing the body and prosperity. But in her new book, she hones in on the mind-body-spirit connection.

"Quantum Wellness: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness" acts as an instructive book to teach readers how to reach their highest level of health and contentment through small but focused changes.

On "Good Morning America" today, she talked about five steps you can take to acheive happiness:

For the Body: 21-Day Cleanse Diet

For the Mind: Meditation
For the Spirit: Service to Others
For the Mind: Visualization
For the Mind and Spirit: Journaling

Read an excerpt of the book below.


What Is Quantum Wellness?
Making the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection

IF AN OLD FRIEND WERE TO GREET YOU ON THE STREET AND ASK, "How are you?" what would it take for you to answer honestly, "I'm very well, thank you"?

The truth is, many of us have no idea. We tend to think of being well as having no illness or trouble gnawing at us at that particular moment. We confuse wellness with an absence of something—a lack of pain or bodily complaints. But is that really wellness?

Or is wellness something far greater, far more exhilarating and alive? With this book, I hope to convince you that wellness is a condition involving every aspect of your being—body, mind, and spirit. That to be truly well means to be operating at full throttle no matter your age or position in life; to be in a constant dance of pushing past previous limits and breaking new ground. You feel like you are in the center of the vortex of life, filled with energy and a creative spark. You have a certain zip in your gait and a warm feeling of peace in your heart, and it is as if there is some supercharged energy flowing through you. You feel brilliantly alive and connected to everything that is.

Is this too much to ask, especially given the state of the nation, the global community, the planet?

Absolutely not.

And it isn't all that hard to do.

As I will show you in this book, wellness begins with paying attention to the little stuff, and then it swells in momentum until we find ourselves on a whole new playing field. We start by taking a look at our lives with honest eyes and then setting a few clear intentions to change. We take a small step here, and another there, and before we know it, we are made new.

You see, wellness is not so much a goal as a process, a journey, a way of orienting yourself toward life. It's a feeling of total participation that involves being in balance in the three key dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, and always looking at your actions and responses to life as they affect these three dimensions and are affected by them. It's about how you eat, how you listen to and take care of your body, how you process your feelings and connect to the larger world.

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