Man Claims He's the Mystery Sailor in 'The Kiss'

Using the sailor's U.S. Navy hat to establish a scale, Gibson compared the measurements of McDuffie's wrist, hand, ear and hairline in the new photograph with those from the original.

A self-proclaimed skeptic, Gibson said she's certain McDuffie is the right guy.

"I have looked at all the claimants that have pictures and the ears are way off or the skull shape is way off or the bridge of the nose is way off," said Gibson. "It's the right shape on [McDuffie.]"

McDuffie is also the only claimant that has a good explanation for the sailor's awkwardly twisted wrist.

"I was keeping my hand from blocking the view," said McDuffie. "I wanted to let him take the picture of her face."

Where's the Nurse?

While the identity of the nurse has also never been confirmed, a woman claiming to be her has came forward more than 20 years ago.

Life told ABC News that in 1980, a Californian woman named Edith Shain came forward claiming to be the nurse in the photograph. Photographer Eisenstaedt met with Shain and even did a piece on her for the magazine.

McDuffie said he's 99 percent sure Edith Shain is the nurse in the photograph.

"She's the one I kissed," said McDuffie of Shain. "I'm the only one who really knows who the nurse is."

Despite his intuition, McDuffie said he refuses to meet with Shain until she too takes a lie detector test.

McDuffie, who is battling lung cancer, said that he tried to meet the photographer at one point -- Eisenstaedt was giving a talk at a local university -- but was unsuccessful.

"I went down [near the stage] to talk to him and all [Eisenstaedt] said was 'Not my sailor," said McDuffie.

McDuffie's evidence seems convincing, but without Eisenstaedt's side of the story it's likely the sailor's identity will always be shrouded in mystery.

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