Online Dating Dos and Don'ts

Dating etiquette has always been confusing -- and now online dating has only made matters more complicated. Andrea Lavinthal, who wrote "The Hookup Handbook: A Single Girl's Guide to Living It Up" with Jessica Rolzer, shared these tips on "Good Morning America" to guide you through the modern mores of online and offline dating:

Before the date:

Do exchange photos. It's like ordering a flower arrangement over the phone -- you want to know what it will look like.

Don't post a photo from your hot days in college. Choose a flattering picture, but don't advertise goods you can't deliver!

During the first date:

Do provide details about yourself. Share just enough information about yourself that your date will be itching to learn more.

Don't go overboard in revealing personal information about yourself. On the first meeting, no one needs to know the names of your childhood pets or that you take antidepressants.

Do stick to positive and relatable topics in your conversation. Discuss work, movies, etc.

Don't try something that you might not be able to pull off. If you attempt to fake a skill, you'll crash and burn.

Do show off a special talent. Great at bowling? Go for it -- as long as you come off confident and fun.

If things don't work out and you want to end the relationship:

Don't pull a disappearing act. Guys, if you appear to have fallen off the face of the Earth, girls will picture you lying in a ditch somewhere, cell phone in hand, trying desperately to call. So it's best to come clean!

Do bow out gracefully. Avoid doing the slow fade.

Don't break up over e-mail -- even if you met that way.

Do break up in person.