How to Find and Use Online Coupon Codes Coupon code section features coupons from more than 850 retailers. Popular coupon code site. This site provides coupon codes and gives rebates to shoppers in a cash account This coupon code site also features rebate offers and a message board where shoppers post their best finds to share with other shoppers.

Nelson says shoppers can also get coupon code information from one site and shop through their preferred rebate site to get automatic rebates.

Nelson's List of Rebate Sites for Online Shoppers: Rebates accumulate in a college savings account. Rebates also accumulate in a college savings account. Rebates accumulate in a cash account. : Rebates accumulate as points to be redeemed for prizes and merchandise targeted to women and mothers.

Here's an example of how you can save more by combining offers from both online coupon codes and online rebate sites:

You plan on ordering three books for holiday gifts. Via a search engine, you locate a coupon code that offers free shipping on orders received on Then you go to and locate a coupon code that offers $5 off a $50 order on purchases made on Then you go to and click through to, a move which earns you a 3 percent rebate or $1.50 into a college savings account. You order the three books for a total of $55.37, with free shipping. Total savings with $6 free shipping, $5 coupon code and $1.50 in college savings plan: $12.50

Find out how you can use the Internet to save money year-round by going on Nelson's Web site, Nelson's Web site, created with help from Georgia Tech, is a virtual coupon organizer that is kept current with help from volunteers, who provide information on grocery sales in 18 states across the country. Nelson, of Marietta, Ga., hopes satisfied shoppers will share their savings or a few of their purchases with local charities, which are also listed online.

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