The Hottest Beach Gear for Summer

Nothing beats a day at the beach. Well, how about a pimped-out day at the beach? "Good Morning America Weekend Edition" found some of the coolest gadgets that will make your day at the beach even better.

The 129 SPF Beach Umbrella by Hammacher Schlemmer, $54.94

If you burn easily, take note: This beach umbrella, which is 6 feet in diameter, provides a 129 SPF level of sun-blocking protection, thanks to a special fabric that reflects 99 percent of the sun's UV rays. It also has a patented vented mesh system that withstands high winds.

Solar-Powered Cooling Pith Helmet by Hammacher Schlemmer, $49.95

Forget your standard baseball hat or sun visor. This is a safari-grade helmet with a miniature fan. The fan is solar powered during the day, and then in the evening you can beat the heat by flipping the fan's switch to battery power.

Mesh BackPack Beach Chair by Kelsyus, available at for $34.95

It's the ultimate in utility: a backpack that becomes a beach chair and vice versa. It's an easy way to carry your beach chair -- and other necessities -- to the beach.

Beach Pod Padded Beach Chair by RIO Beach, available at for $24.95

If you don't need the backpack function of the chair above, then check out this comfy chair, which folds flat for easy storage and carrying.

SplashFX Sport Radio Pillow by Kelsyus, available at for $32.95

This is another multitasking product -- a radio and an ergonomically designed pillow in one.

Tot Insta-Tent by Abo-Gear, available at for $79.99

This tent will protect your children from the hot sun with its UV-coated SPF 50 fabric. It has mesh panelled doors and windows for ventilation, as well as a removable inner blanket.

Collapsible Cooler by Abo-Gear, available at for $55.95

Whether you're taking a picnic to the beach or throwing an outdoor party, you'll love this collapsable, insulated beverage cooler. It can hold a whopping 72 cans.