Beyond 'Hereafter'

So I'm really on board with this new movie. I'm forgiving Clint Eastwood his formulaic ending because he's given us back a vital piece of ourselves: the knowledge of the wonders that await us beyond this life. My only objection to "Hereafter," the movie, is that it could go so much further. Maybe there will be a sequel -- one that will draw from the thousands of stories and descriptions that have come from the Other Side. Those are the stories the world is hungry to hear. For those who've experienced communications from the afterlife there's an endless fascination. Here's the secret: The Holy Grail is right under our noses after all.

Jane Smith Bernhardt is an artist, performer and writer. She is a graduate of the interfaith Guild for Spiritual Guidance. Her book, "WE ARE HERE: Love Never Dies," chronicles an extraordinary period of three family deaths and many miracles of joy and forgiveness.

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