Here's to a Better 2010...and a Better You!

Arise each and every day and express gratitude that you are actually alive. Wiggle your toes, stretch your legs, stretch your arms, and go to the bathroom. If all of that works, thank the Holy One of Blessing that it is all possible.

Record what comes to your mind first thing when you wake up. Write it down and know that in the state between sleep and wake is a piece of your vulnerable self that may be worth pursuing to have a better understanding of self in relationship to God.

Kiss your loved one(s) whoever they may be, because you don't know if you will be able to kiss them again. If you can't or don't want to, make sure to ask yourself why. God lives in that relationship and this attention and nurture should be contributed to that sacred relationship.

Smile at as many people as possible. Everyone needs to be acknowledged, and it might just help them take the turn or change of direction they need at a crucial crossroads of their journey. It will help you understand that what is going on in your life is just not as important as you may think.

Hush...please hush. Quiet in a noisy world will make space for you when you don't even know you need it. There is wisdom in each of us, and to run away from being interactive or in relationship with that wisdom is to draw away from the world. Shhh. Don't even think about why, just be quiet and pay attention. Acknowledge the wisdom from within, and don't put it on the carousel of obsession. Note it, learn from it, and maybe God will help you utilize it when you don't even know you need it.

Practice one form of private charity or act of generosity each day. Public acts of goodness will help the process of fixing the world, but the private kind, will help fix your world.

When things are great, when life is good, when you feel whole, celebrate your joy from the deepest places. But don't stay there for days at a time, because then your joy will only be about you. Go back as soon as possible and practice what got you there.

Don't live in utter joy or utter sadness. Usually the extremes have a narcissistic edge to them. It's never that good. You are usually not that good. It is never that bad and you are usually not that bad.

Engage with every legitimate joy that comes your way. Eat that ice cream cone, see a movie, walk in the Reservation, exercise, study something, go to the ocean, go to a baseball game, read a great book, ride a wave, dance, see the glistening mountain tops, walk on a glacier, fly on a plane, hike, see a bee make honey, play with your dog, engage in friendship and say aloud L'Chaim "to Life." Indeed, connection to the Holy One can come strongly through pleasure. Indeed, you honor God when you engage in pleasure, not obsessively or addictively, but in healthy and appropriate doses.

Seek out friends and relationships which are authentic, meaningful and intimate. Be vulnerable with them. Be truthful with them. Be mirrors with them and for them. Be critiqued and give that same back with love and the ability to hear. Learn and explore with them. Fantasize with them. Laugh with them. Reconcile with them. Find their soul and have the courage to let them find yours. Give to them generously and find it within you to receive openly in return.

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