A Day in the Life of Brad Pitt

Casey Affleck, the younger brother of Ben Affleck, plays Ford, a 19th century stalker who moved in on Jesse despite the fact that Jesse has a supernatural instinct for detecting enemies, even those who sneak up silently behind his back.

In one scene, Jesse asks Robert, "Can't figure it out. You wanna be like me or you wanna be me?"

That instinct, that radar, is something Pitt says he can appreciate. Pitt's predators: the paparazzi.

As early as 10 years ago, the first time Pitt spoke to Sawyer, he said he already knew where their prying lenses were hidden in the trees, trained on him.

In October 1997, he told her, "I try to describe to people … I know if I'm out somewhere and, and there's someone shooting me 300 yards away in a bush, I just know it. It's this, this sense that gets fine-tuned over the years."

'Congenital Sadness' of the Plains

Also like Jesse, Pitt said he also understands the melancholy of those children of the prairie. Both Pitt and Jesse came from the plains of Missouri.

"He's from the same area that, that I'm from," Pitt said. "I was surprised how much that meant to me in the end, to do something that had a connection with home."

Sawyer asked Pitt about a time he said that he had grown up on those plains with some unexplained sadness.

"I called it a congenital sadness. It's something that I, that I feel in my grandparents, in my … in the people I've met, in a Southern way of life. It's something pervasive, is an undercurrent that, that I think Christianity answers."

When Sawyer suggested that this sadness was something of a "genetic background music," Pitt agreed.

"Well put, I like that," he said.

Pitt has said that he once thought fame or success would be a cure for the sadness, but he has since learned the secret may be children.

And he is loving this part of the part of the passage — family and even the changes that come to all of us.

"You learn and you earn a wrinkle and you earn a line and I'm proud."

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